How SEO specialists Matrixnet opened

Probably, only a person who is completely far from the Internet has not yet heard about the recent data leak from Yandex. Naturally, such an event could not but raise a stir in the SEO market. Many SEOs began to look for something to profit from 40+ gigabytes of leaked data. The first object was the factors_gen.txt file with a list of 1922 ranking factors. The prey was, frankly, not too fat, since there was nothing on the list other than a brief description of the factors. And it was not possible to understand how important this or that factor was. You could only reflect like “Look, they guessed to take into account the presence of numbers in the URL, probably in the minus” or “Wow, they count the number of capital letters in the title tag.”

But then one caustic foreigner named Michael King posted article, in which he demonstrated a certain file nav_linear.h. In it, some factors were compared with some coefficients, both positive and negative. This is where SEO specialists have a wide space for creativity. And gradually this muddy list with an incomprehensible weight distribution of factors began to take over their minds. For some reason, they decided that these coefficients are the real weights of ranking factors and began to develop recommendations based on them for conquering the tops of Yandex search results. And already, in all seriousness, calls were made from various people to abandon domains in the zone. ru, since this is a negative factor in the list. And change them to domains in the zone. com, as this factor is indicated as positive. True, commentators tried to avoid very uncomfortable inconsistencies, and so far no one has called for abandoning, for example, the use of all query words in a row in the text, although this factor has a negative coefficient in the file.

The list of factors with weight distributions was ordered and posted on Github, but suddenly none other than Den Raskovalov, a former employee of the Yandex search quality department, was noted in the comments there. He stated that “nav_linear.h has nothing to do with ranking web search results in Yandex search.”

Well, the puzzle finally comes together if we compare the name of the file with coefficients that excited the SEO minds – nav_linear.h – with the name of one of the factors – FI_NAV_linear, which is responsible for classifying some “semi-navigation” requests. That’s it. That is, the weight coefficients for calculating one composite factor were taken as the weight coefficients of the entire algorithm. The autopsy of Matrixnet is cancelled. You can change .com domains back to .ru) Well, you can also read my thoughts on SEO analytics by subscribing to my channel.

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