How Roland DG technology allows you to apply professional skills for a personal hobby

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Designer Dave Tilbury for a very long time was looking for a device capable of producing complex designs that are almost impossible to do manually. After a long search, he stopped at the Roland monoFab SRM-20 milling machine.

Dave Tilbury worked all his life in the engineering industry, but after many years of work he was fired. After that, he decided to begin a new stage in his career in the field of creativity. After graduating, the former engineer first met Roland DG when he started working in a London design company. There he used a milling machine Modela MDX-40Awith which Tilbury created models (until 2010, such work was carried out mainly by hand).

Dave worked with this device every day, and he quickly realized the potential behind the MDX-40. This 55-year-old man has a hobby – he makes model airplanes, so he decided to purchase a machine from Roland DG and use it for his hobby.
Despite the fact that the MDX-40 is a fairly versatile equipment that can be used not only for business purposes, Dave wanted the machine to be more compact and could be installed at home without any problems. Therefore, he decided that the Roland DG latest milling machine would be the ideal solution for his purposes. monoFab SRM-20.

During the discussion of the transition from professional to personal use of Roland DG, Dave said: “I saw the results shown by the MDX-40 in combination with the use of 3D CAD, and knew that sooner or later I would take this direction for home modeling. However, I needed a more compact device, so when the SRM-20 desktop milling machine appeared, I realized that this was what I needed. Despite its relatively small size, this device offers the same quality, precision and reliability that we expect from a Roland DG milling machine. ”

Features Roland monoFab SRM-20

Although the SRM-20 is smaller than the MDX-40, its innovative subtractive rapid prototyping (SRP) allows you to create clear and smooth contours, smooth curved surfaces and complex parts. Using this machine, Dave was able to create molds for his model airplanes.

SRM-20 works with various materials, supports a wide range of shapes and sizes, which allows you to create complex parts with an accurate and smooth contour. The latest generation desktop milling machine offers an innovative subtractive rapid prototyping function, and despite its compact format, offers high accuracy and operational efficiency. It was these characteristics that enabled Dave to make elements that would be too difficult to make by hand.

“After the acquisition of the SRM-20, I worked on this machine on many small projects – I made models of engines, fuel tank caps and the hub of the tail wheels, and this device perfectly coped with all the tasks. These parts are complex in their geometry, so it would be very difficult to make them manually, ”he added.

Now, with the help of the SRM-20, Dave makes parts for his aircraft models twice a week, and also uses the larger MDX-40 for work. Dave described how the SRM-20 allowed him to apply professional skills to his personal hobby, and added: “Now that I’ve worked a bit with the SRM-20, I understand how great potential this compact machine has. I would be very interested to see what awaits him in the future. ”

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