How NOT to be successful in IT

By adhering to the rules below, you will almost certainly not be successful in IT.


It is necessary to stay in a sparsely populated provincial town, preferably in a village or village. It is ideal to move to a forest or taiga away from people, electricity and the Internet.

A particular danger in Russia in terms of location is Moscow, St. Petersburg. Other million-plus cities are less dangerous.

Europe and the USA and other countries with high average wages and developed economies are the most dangerous.


It is necessary to maintain a sedentary lifestyle and cultivate bad habits.

Don’t go to the pool, gym, or just go – sit all day. It is ideal to constantly be at the computer when you are awake, and from it immediately jump into bed, taking occasional breaks for food and toilet.

Do not go to doctors and do not take care of your own health.

Bad habits will help a lot: smoking, a lot of coffee, fast food, gambling addiction, alcohol.

Smoke as much as possible, ideally a pack a day. If you can two, then it’s generally super.

Drink as much coffee as possible – entry level 1-2 cups a day, 5 is good, 10 is ideal.

Play computer games as much as possible, ideally all day long.

Develop procrastination with Youtube.


In your teaching, the important thing is the lack of practice, only theory.

Find lectures and computer courses where the teacher is less versed in the subject than you. Ideally, if he does not understand at all: he reads other people’s lectures, does other people’s tasks.

Do not solve problems in the learning process yourself, but find ready-made solutions on the Internet and submit them without analyzing.

Don’t invest in your training, computer, laptop.

It is not necessary to constantly study, once you have learned something this is now for the rest of your life.

Study outdated directions, technologies and approaches that are currently poorly represented on the hiring market in Russia and the world, ideally not represented at all.

Choosing a company

Fear the FAANG acronym.

Choose small companies in provincial cities.

Don’t change company. Work for the same company until you get carried away or fall apart.

Find a company whose projects do not have any practical value – the ideal is simply the division of money between all project participants without any other result.

Find a company to help you develop the skills in the previous sections.

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