How much did I earn on Yandex games? My game release history

Good afternoon Gamers. I am InterestingPerson. In this article I will describe how I created my game and uploaded it to Yandex.


I have earned more than 1000 rubles

Before I start, let me tell you about myself. Behind me are 6 games posted on GooglePlay and more than 3 years of improvement in this area.
I know several programming languages ​​such as python and C#. I learned about Yandex games on one of the forums and decided to try myself on this site.


I took the idea of ​​the project as simple as it is – a clicker based on casual game and small leveling mechanics. For a larger audience, I decided to rely on minecraft graphics. After thinking through the idea, I started drawing sprites. The hardest part was to implement
Frame-by-frame animation of the destruction of the block and the creation of the background of the store. I drew graphics in the same style, all UI elements had to be created manually, highlighting and reworking the minecraft UI.

Then I created a 2d project in unity, in which I started to bring the idea to life. There is nothing exciting about programming itself that you could ever need. But I can highlight the moment with the connection of advertising – I had to notably look for information on this matter, but I found an excellent video catalog from Yandex on this topic.

After two weeks of programming, it’s time for release project. This turned out to be the longest stage. First of all, I had to work hard and create a trailer, come up with a description for the project and upload screenshots from the game.

Secondly, I had to wait for the moderation of the project, which lasted 14 days. Yandex carefully checks your project for errors (within 3-5 days).
For the first time, I was denied the publication of the game, they wrote out the shortcomings found in the project, I corrected them. But what was my surprise when I posted the game on the second attempt, and I received flaws that were not found the first time. This speaks of the human factor in moderation. Oddly enough, but for the 3rd time of moderating the project, he entered the platform. I was overjoyed. *Addition: One of the points of failure was the error “… see attachment 1” . As it turned out, this is a picture that comes to Yandex mail, and it shows the cause of the error. I struggled with this attachment 1 for a long time until I accidentally checked my mail.

Let’s now talk about game statistics and monetization. In the first 2 weeks after the release of the project, it gained 8 thousand players, 77 ratings, 3 reviews and an average of 4.3 stars out of 5.
If we talk about monetization, then on the first day the game scored $58.62for 2 weeks in total earned 1 007 ₽ ($386.66 – rewarded advertising; $620.34 – full screen ads).
At the peak of growth in 1 day, the project earned $192.54. The minimum is $33.16 per day.

Earnings Chart
Earnings Chart

Yandex Games is a rapidly developing platform that is already filled with a large number of developers. Yandex games are great for novice game creators as an opportunity to make money.
Thank you for your time devoted to my article! Good luck 🙂

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