How much did I earn on Yandex games? #2

Good afternoon Gamers. I am InterestingPerson. In this article, I will describe how I uploaded two games to Yandex and what I got from them.

Disclaimer: Before starting, I ask you not to forget that the projects are aimed at a children’s audience. They are not that difficult to develop and are almost nothing but a way to monetize your work. Also this NOT ADVERTISING Yandex And not an attempt to brag! I just want to show what the platform is and share my experience!

The article will show the result of the laid out games without their development.

As a first project, I will take “Save Or Throw“. It has reached 12,000 users so far; Grade 3.7.
The game was created over 2 weekends. ~15 hours. It was posted on January 28th.
Earnings on February 25 is ~6 211 ₽. Brought maximum per day 552 ₽.

I’ll take it as a second gameGuess the Character by Silhouette“. It has so far gained 16,000 users; Grade 4.1.
The project was created 5 working days. ~20 hours. It was posted on January 30th.
Earnings on February 25 is ~4 719 ₽. brought maximum per day 509 ₽.

I want to note that the games were not translated into English and because of this I probably lost from 10% to 50% of my earnings. Also, the “Guess the Character by Silhouette” project has a poor implementation of monetization, and because of this, I also lost a little.

If you are interested in similar game development, you can pick up the pack that I personally assembled:

Since I’m probably leaving the platform, I can give you an idea for your Pick a Box project. Example: .

I hope the article was helpful. Thank you for your time with her! Good luck 🙂

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