How many chips does Russia produce per year?

“This mystery is great” (The Epistles of the Apostle Paul to the Ephesians (5, 32))

China for 2021 called 359.4 Billion. chips – a third more than in 2020 – import substitution in connection with the war of sanctions with the Americans is being implemented in full.

It became interesting how we prepare for potential sanctions?

Rosstat leads such a picture (data is available only for August 2021):

Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products in the Russian Federation one)






Semiconductor devices and their parts, million pieces





Computers, their parts and accessories, billion rubles





Broadcast radio receivers, thousand pieces





Watches of all types, except for watch mechanisms and parts, thousand pieces





The classification looks very outdated in general, but the numbers clearly do not compete with reality, since there is an understanding that the country uses much more subway cards alone per year – and after all, each has a stupid, but a chip.

We go to the website of the manufacturer of metro chips – it seems that there will be marketing information, but still information …

Wow! More than 4 billion chips per year! I wonder how they didn’t get into the statistics? Or where did you go? OKPD 11/26/30 they are, but there is nothing in the statistics except for the general group 26.11 as a whole … Moreover, Micron claims to be the largest manufacturer in Russia. It is part of the Element group of Rostec and AFK Sistema.

On the site GC “Element” completely different data on the production of microcircuits are already indicated – 170+ million chips. It happens … “They have the wrong system grenades.” Or the chips are different from micron chips…

On the site of another major chip manufacturer – NIIET they don’t brag about how much they produce – it’s understandable – the company is a key enterprise for our defense industry – the tradition is not to talk serious. NIIET is also part of the Element Group.

Milandr – a leading manufacturer of integrated circuits – produces 550 thousand chips per year.

It is difficult to take into account the products of MCST and Baikal as Russian production in the light of the sanctions war, since the development is Russian, but the real production is at the TCMS factories in Taiwan. But even there, hundreds of thousands a year is the nearest maximum if Russia introduces protectionist measures for the purchase of solutions (PCs, Servers) based on processor data by public state companies. History with SBER, shows that it is difficult for us to implement such a regime …

Planned to launch”Scythian” has brighter prospects given its focus on tablets and complex IoT solutions, but these are only plans and again resting on TCMS …

Project strategies for the development of the microelectronic industry until 2030, developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade also does not contain specific figures for the production of microchips – but it contains the production volume of semiconductor wafers with a diameter of 300 mm (page 22) and according to the plans of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the data, the volume of production by 2030 should grow 10 times from 33 thousand in 2020 to 300 thousand in 2030.

So, how many microchips do we produce? How many are simple and how many are complex? What do we take into account when developing a program “Development of radio-electronic and electronic industry”?

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