How long the demand on the labor market of programmers will be higher than the supply – experts answer

The demand for the candidate depends on the level of the vacancy for which he is applying. For example, there is no shortage of specialists with junior and middle levels, but job seekers with work skills from middle to senior or team lead are in high demand in the market.

The field of information technology is developing rapidly, as evidenced by the ever-increasing pace of automation: automated cash registers, Internet banks, voice robots for calling customers and much more.

Even in the field of HR, which in its entirety sounds like human resources, and literally translated “human resources ”or“ personnel management ”, automation and digitalization have become the trend of recent years.

Against the background of a well-established trend in which automation is gaining momentum, we can state the fact that the need for programmers will not pass soon, even despite the very high interest in this vacancy on the part of current schoolchildren and students, as well as workers in other fields who are relearned in the hope of improving financial situation. It is no secret that the profession of a programmer is promising and has a high level of salaries.

In addition, if we are talking about the professions of a lawyer and an economist in the context of IT specialists, there is one caveat. Lawyers and economists are limited by the scope of legislation, by the specifics of the workflow of the state where they perform their duties. While programming languages, it doesn’t matter whether Java, C #, C ++ or Python, code writing algorithms, certificates, protocols are identical in any part of the world, which indicates a certain universality of IT workers.

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