How I tried to “log into IT” and I succeeded

I was hooked by the fact that my path began almost like the author, but the result was just the opposite. So:

  • at school and students – sluggish interest in computers. they are not very common, mostly following the example of friends who had more advanced parents;

  • Soldering a computer is interesting, playing is not interesting at all, I’m trying to write something in an almost informational vacuum;

  • childhood is over, you have to work, not up to computers, stupidly there is no time, but because work with technology – computers are constantly present in life, but I’m always on the side of the user and a little bit of an integrator (install Windows – check pings);

  • constant interest “how does it work”, even bought a few books, but there is no time to get to grips with everything;

  • several attempts to do it – then there were already courses, but those “fashionable” ones that are from every iron were just beginning; there is no time – I give up;

  • I ask on Habr Q&A which book on Java is the best for a beginner, I get advice to take a course on And, you know, it’s awesome! Not just a theory, but a bunch of problems with automatic verification! Those. we learn how to write programs, and not just read a book;

  • by this time, the former profession had almost completely outlived itself in the sense that it became uninteresting to do the same thing from time to time;

  • the attitude towards classes has changed somewhat – before that I was engaged purely “for myself”, but, looking at the course chats, I see that the people are aimed at finding employment; besides, I understand that writing something useful is not an evening to sit, the amount of knowledge even for the simplest (but useful in practice) program requires a very large amount; thought – if it works, why not try this profession?

  • covid year! I leave, I go to the village and study “full-time”;

  • 4 months – from December 20 to March 21 trying to find a job; essno problems – no one needs an elderly intern without experience, about a couple of hundred responses to vacancies – 4 or 5 social security benefits 🙂

  • finally I’m invited to a couple of places – cool! One was lucky: a software company for my “old” subject area, which I know well, although not from the IT side; for this I cling;

  • Yes Yes Yes! A switcher-quietish from courses (a few with stepik + javarush) got a job and now cuts butter in your buns – you can hate it :))

  • further like the author – they let me deal with the application, in which some changes need to be made …. and with which I cannot figure it out due to lack of qualifications;

  • but I didn’t freak out, I left as an author, but I called a meeting with the authorities and said – I can’t, let’s do something simpler! To which I received a very adequate answer: “well, yes, it’s difficult for a beginner” and now I have tasks … not that simple, but not so large-scale, shorter and more lifting, even though the bowler hat crackles not like a child 🙂

  • and yes, just like the author, I had to join a new team: the fourth time in my life (not counting school / university) and the first time in conditions when I am older than most of my colleagues (and the most inexperienced), plus complete remote work, which adds complexity;

  • despite the employment, I continue to take courses on topics that interest me and I think that this is the best way (well, apart from classical education, of course) to learn programming;

  • I’m growing at work: six months later, they sewed a june’s bar and doubled the salary;

  • it’s worth showing up somewhere on sites with vacancies – a lot of HR girls immediately run up and call-call-call for social security, even though I declare right away that I don’t have a goal to change jobs; they call me anyway, Yandex grabbed me, I agreed with great skepticism to “just talk”, two stages went through, let’s see what happens next.

  • Well, the path is about the same as that of the author of that article, but the result is just the opposite. I think the problem is not possible or not, and in that need or not. Something like this 🙂

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