How I entered a British university

Hello, my name is Valery Putnin. In a previous article, I described my experience of successfully applying to two American universities. In this I will tell you how I got into the University of York for a master’s degree in computer science.

In short, I can say that it was easier to enter there than at the Russian State Technical University, where I received a bachelor’s degree.

A little about the university:

  • The university is located in the north of England in the city of York.

  • Included in the groups of universities in Britain Russel Group, N8 Research Group.

  • The rating is constantly changing. In 2022 it was 151-200, in 2023 already 401-450.

Commercial photo of the university

Commercial photo of the university

Non-commercial university photo

Non-commercial university photo

Master’s Degree Requirements University of York

  1. Bachelor’s degree with an apostille.

  2. Translation of diploma and apostille into English.

  3. Resume with work experience.

  4. English proficiency test results. I took IELTS

  5. Letters of recommendation. One letter from one of my managers from previous jobs was enough for me.

A little about UK university rankings

The main rankings of British universities are divided into 2 groups:

Many rankings are based on formulas. Parameters (variables) of such formulas are invented on the basis of the parameters that will be needed in the opinion of the agency.

The formulas, variables in the formulas and data used to compile the rankings can be changed by compilers to control the position of any university in the ranking scale.

Of course, the rating matters when making a decision, but it is not an absolutely objective and key indicator. Because a master’s program is a resource or tool that must meet the needs of the applicant and the market (platform, area) where the graduate will produce new benefits for himself and the public.

Cost of education

The price of education depends on civil status in Britain. Citizens on average pay just over £10k, while non-British citizens pay 2-3 times more.

Table of the cost of the master's program of 4 universities in England.  Cost in pounds sterling

Table of the cost of the master’s program of 4 universities in England. Cost in pounds sterling

Many other factors also affect the price, for example, how many applicants there are (clients), the quality of education, rating, the presence of famous graduates or employees, location, etc.

Training period

Master’s degree in computer science in England in most universities takes a year. But sometimes it can be stretched for 3 years if you study in absentia (part-time).

Online master’s

Some universities provide the opportunity to complete the entire course of study online. It often costs less than studying on campus.

Graduates of various English universities who have studied on campus say that they spent 80% of their studies at the university online.

Some online programs are different from offline, and some are identical.

Enrollment confirmation

Enrollment confirmation letter

Enrollment confirmation letter

My visit to Britain

In the spring of 2023, I visited Britain, in particular England and Wales. Spent a month here. I wanted to see the country with my own eyes and visited the following cities in England: London, Brighton, Bristol, Reading, Manchester, Leeds, York, as well as the capital of Wales, the city of Cardiff.

Photo taken in London

Photo taken in London

It was interesting to walk around the cities, go to temples, libraries, pubs, shops, parks, public transport, look at people and their behavior.

Why I turned down an offer from the University of York

I refused for a variety of reasons, here I will describe just a few of them:

  1. I was just interested in going to a British university.

  2. An analysis of the technical positions of graduates on LinkedIn showed that only those who completed their studies at other universities occupy leading positions. For example, some were retrained in other countries, including in Russian universities.

  3. My goal was to get into a university, at least in the top 100 list in computer science.

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