How I Chased a Girl and Became a Middle Developer

In fact, the guys from the CIS often lack that same confidence. Even with a chic technical base and experience in solving difficult problems, weak soft skills close the doors almost everywhere. In the interviews themselves, the first stage usually managed to pass just where I had already scored on my English and just had a normal conversation with personnel officers, showing a healthy interest in the activities of their company (a particularly important point), but without betraying my urgent need for employment.

Technically, the interviews did not differ much from Russian ones: live coding, questions about some little-known language tools, and assessment of behavior in various work situations.

In the end, a good company was found in Yerevan itself, which was developing an online messenger and offered a very pleasant salary of $2,000, and I even managed to sign an offer with it and get to know the team. However, in the process of legal registration of me as an employee, it turned out that my ethnic origin still worried the country and I could not take shape as a Russian.

Whatever I decide, it was the right choice

In May 2022, the choice arose – to go to Georgia and try yourself there, already without knowledge of the local mentality and language, and with already noticeably thawed savings, or return to Russia and hope for the best. My optimistic nature suggested that the second option at that time was the most suitable and allowed, at a minimum, to put my documents in order.

Oddly enough, they managed to find a job in Russia after a couple of three interviews. For a while I thought about going to Serverspace, but they didn’t have any suitable vacancies at that time, so they recommended me to SimpleOne. In parallel with the defense of the diploma, I had an interview with them. Even from the first conversation, already having a good experience of communicating with foreign recruiters, I managed to find all the common points with the employer, discuss important issues, and just a couple of days later I had an offer on hand. I was happy to finally start working where I had the opportunity to improve my engineering skills, practice more in JS, CSS, HTML, but at the same time have a similar general business specifics with the already existing experience in productive development.

The conclusion from all this: I didn’t catch up with the metropolitan girl, but after the n-th number of interviews I got the job that I like.

How long did it take you to get a job in IT? Share your experience for those who are just diving into the specialty.


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