How employers relate to job seekers who have completed only online training – experts answer

Recent events in the world have clearly shown that in order to be always in demand as a specialist, we must adapt to any circumstances, including being flexible and able to adapt to changes. The pandemic had a significant impact on the learning process: schoolchildren and students – absolutely everyone was transferred to distance learning, while the rest – a little more time appeared, which many people gladly spent on mastering new professions and advanced training through a variety of online courses.

Online courses are a great opportunity to get additional education being anywhere in the world where, of course, the Internet is available. The purpose of training with “students” is completely different – to get a new profession, to supplement their knowledge with new material or to recall what has been studied previously. And it’s worth evaluating the effectiveness of online learning from this perspective – what tasks and goals did the “student” have.

If we talk about getting a new profession, then online courses are a minimal investment, an introduction to the subject area and learning the basics of a future profession.

After online courses, the level of the applicant is June (junior developer). Applicants who have completed only online training, as a rule, do not have experience working in a team on a “live” project, they lack experience in commercial development, which means that they will need more time to join the project. True, if the “student” responsibly approached the learning process, he has a strong theoretical base.

As you know, IT teams work according to different methodologies. And many joons are not familiar with such approaches or have only a general idea of ​​them, but a professional mentor and the hr team will be able to quickly adapt new employees and successfully introduce teams into the work. It is worth noting that, against the background of ordinary junes, junes with courses are more attractive to any employer.

Therefore, when hiring such specialists, you must be prepared for the fact that you will have to invest in the further development of this employee. And here it all depends on the strategy of the company: either it is ready to invest and raise people for the future (who will share the company’s values ​​and carry them to the masses) or the company considers only successful specialists.

At the same time, it is no less important for the employer on which platform the applicant took courses – there are a lot of online courses, and during the period of self-isolation their number increased 3 times. And they all differ in the composition of teachers, the practical component, the topics included in the course, etc. The duration of the courses is also very important – a 2-day conference, of course, will not give many skills, the courses should last several months.

In general, online training now will not surprise anyone. This is a really convenient format that saves students a lot of time.

In our company, we also often resort to continuing education courses, and any employee of the company can request training under the benefit program.

The management of our company, and many employees believe that it is necessary to share their knowledge and experience, their cases and the details of their development. After all, this is the future of the IT industry. Therefore, some of our employees teach online education sites, give lectures and master classes, act as guest speakers and experts, and also teach in schools. In addition, our company has been cooperating with well-known online schools GeekBrains and OTUS for several years. Every year we take part in Career Day and other relevant events. A lot of young developers come for interviews, and as a result of the interview, we noted that they have a good level of training. Some of them have been successfully working in our company so far.

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