How does the work of a tester work at S8 Capital holding: an inside look

This article was written for you by Artyom, a testing engineer at S8 Capital. Here’s what he thinks about working in the holding:

“Three months ago I moved into a new direction for me – I became a testing engineer for an integrated data factory.

Tastes could not be discussed. One person’s dream job may not be another’s. In this article I will share a little personal experience of working at S8 Capital, my feelings, and the system of work in our team.

First steps in the company

All employment took place remotely: during the first week, we held a meeting with the manager, where we discussed in detail the tasks and interaction scheme; talked with colleagues at a welcome webinar for newcomers to the holding; met the team; greeted each other in personal chats. It was explained in great detail what to do at each moment, where to look for the knowledge base in Confluence, and how to customize everything you need for your work.

After registration, the employee is sent the original documents, equipment for work and a welcome pack, which includes a diary, pen, business card holder, thermal mug and lottery ticket. I received everything in seven days, these terms depend on the place of residence and the conditions of the transport company.

But even while the computer is on the go, it is possible to connect to some corporate resources with the information necessary for immersion: lectures on the company’s values ​​and courses in various areas of activity. When the new laptop arrived, I spent the first couple of days setting up access. For each role there is a checklist that helps you understand the registration – the procedure is simple, everything is done in a couple of clicks. The manager and mentor are always interested in advancement and help in all matters.

There is a bot – an interactive assistant “Pascal” (yes, it is named after the outstanding French scientist Blaise Pascal), where you can find useful information (for example, about employees, vacation, benefits), apply for temporary absence, and more.

Beginning of work

In my first month of work, I took courses on the iSpring platform. They are made interesting and exciting. The adaptation course in the form of interactive videos was prepared by the corporate university S8 Academy. I also immersed myself in the corporate culture of the holding, got acquainted with templates and examples of work in my project team.

For successful completion of courses, points are awarded that can be spent in the corporate rewards store. It contains merchandise, books, certificates, for example, for reducing working hours. I plan to save up for a backpack. I had never tried my luck in lotteries before, and the word “Fun” had a different meaning to me, but now it’s part of the job.

From the second month, simple project tasks began to arrive, thanks to which I immersed myself in the details of the work and the features of interaction in the team. I was given a simple and clear task from the sprint backlog. First, I myself familiarized myself with its formulation and description of the modification, then I called my mentor, he explained the process and the approach used in testing. Then I took testing of the revision of the reference book in the UAT environment after completing the test on the FT bench by another, more experienced colleague. After closing these tasks from my team’s backlog, I was involved in participating in E2E testing, at first also “under the wing” of an experienced colleague.

The variety of tasks allows you to develop hard skills (during the test of modification tasks of the project team and support team, you dive into technical details and apply test design techniques) and soft skills (multitasking, the ability to work in changing conditions, for example).

My results and conclusions

During the probationary period there were no insurmountable issues or misunderstandings. After a month and a half of work, the mentor reported that I was successfully completing the tasks – such feedback is very motivating.

The company has many different corporate activities: a book club, quizzes with cash prizes, its own magazine about the life of the company and employees, a sports league (football, running, basketball, e-sports), a partnership with the All-Russian physical culture and sports complex “Ready for Labor and Defense” (TRP) at Luzhniki, corporate awards, volunteer movements and much more.

The main thing is not to forget that any undertaking is always difficult and unclear. It is important not to be afraid to ask questions to more experienced colleagues – they will always help. Onboarding is not a short lecture, but a long, smooth process.

Over the three months of work, I had many tasks: some of them were of the same type, others required different approaches to the process and interaction with both the system and colleagues. There was definitely no boredom. I can say with confidence that I have never regretted accepting a job offer at S8 Capital holding. Don’t be afraid, come! Current vacancies can be found Here“.

See you on the corporate portal!

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