How do IT giants help education? Bonus part

I hope you have already read my articles on how Google, Microsoft and Amazon help students to acquire modern knowledge and to pass the educational process more efficiently. If not, read it, links will be at the end of this article.

However, the three giants are not limited to goodies for students. Under the cut – free software, training courses, free cloud server, domains and even colocation of your server for a year. But only for students.

Alibaba cloud

Alibaba’s cloud package is much more modest than the cloud giants mentioned above. But it’s also nice. You can get one free virtual machine (Elastic Compute Service) for a year and access to 10 free mini-courses with certification from a large list. You can register here.


The developer of many beloved IDEs supporting a wide range of programming languages ​​offers free licenses to students, teachers, educational institutions, and even commercial programming courses.

  • students and teachers can receive individual free licenses for educational purposes for the entire period of study or work;
  • schools and universities can obtain licenses for computer classes, which must be renewed once a year;
  • commercial courses and their instructors can obtain licenses for six months for their students with the subsequent possibility of product renewals with a 50% discount.

More information on the JetBrains website.

Github education

In the comments to the Microsoft article, I was reminded of this program. But at its core, GitHub is just a single node that checks your student status and passes this information directly to partners offering bonuses. And I counted more than 100 partners (of course, using the console and jQuery). I will tell you about the most interesting in my opinion, and you can find the full list at project site. Since some of the features (AWS Educate, Microsoft Azure, JetBrains) have already been mentioned, I will skip them.

  • Educational materials. I found the most “tasty” offer from MongoDB – access to MongoDB University, including free certification, and $ 200 credits for MongoDB Atlas. However, in the list you will find many more courses on different topics and of different duration. Look through, look for what interests you.
  • Development. In addition to JetBrains products, you will have access to other interesting developer tools. For example, a 1-year license for Bootstrap Studio, 3 months of access to the cloud IDE, a platform for developing native desktop applications Xojo, access to GitHub Pro, and others.
  • Domain names. Three domain name registrars offer one year of free registration: without specifying the zone in, in the .me zone in Namecheap, in the .tech zone from the zone administrator.
  • Cloud services. DigitalOcean is offering $ 50 for its services. Heroku is ready to provide a Hobby Dyno instance for 2 years.
  • Server hosting. British provider Netwise offers to collocate your 1U server for a year.
  • Postal services. Transactional mail services SendGrid and MailGun offer students an increased number of deliveries per month. Also provides an unlimited number of addresses for automated mail testing.

This is just a short list of what warmed my soul personally. IN full list You will surely find something for yourself.


Hubspot, a developer of popular marketing services, offers educators access to a complete educational package (equivalent to $ 6,000 per month). Read more link. In addition, absolutely everyone is available Hubspot Academywhere you can learn digital marketing and sales skills.

Worldquant University

This sentence stands out from the general outline of the narrative, but I thought it was valuable enough to write about it. People who have received at least a bachelor’s degree and who know English at a sufficient level can complete online training for the master’s program “Financial Engineering” (MSc in Financial Engineering) The program is certified in the USA, but I never found out how things are with the recognition of the diploma. They also offer a small program Introduction to Data Science, which is available to everyone interested.


Let’s move closer to our lands and languages. Yandex offers some educational opportunities for different audiences and ages. To be honest, I did not find anything interesting for students with them. But just in case, a couple of found at least some useful suggestions:

  • Yandex.School – a selection of teaching materials and videos of lessons on a variety of school subjects, as well as teaching materials for teachers on the organization of distance education.
  • Yandex Academy – articles and recommendations about the educational process, career choices, etc.
  • Yandex.Abstract – an excellent service for creating abstracts in various disciplines, as well as at the intersection of sciences. It is not recommended for use if your work is really going to be read by a teacher …

Also, in the framework of cooperation with various universities, with the participation of Yandex, various courses on Coursera.


Mail.Ru for education – a kind of alternative to G Suite for Education for those who need to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation. I can not say anything about the quality of services, there was never a need to use them. If anyone has experience – tell us in the comments.

More on the topic: Part 1: Google> Part 2: Microsoft> Part 3: Amazon Web Services> Bonus part

Instead of a conclusion

Of course, there are many more offers for education than I came across. If you know any other valuable features, post them in the comments. Let’s make such a single information resource for ourselves.

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