How chatbots help a circus, a university and an eco-project – 5 extraordinary cases on a visual constructor with NLU

The MEGI and IKEA chatbot recognizes the 8 most common waste fractions and processes about 30 messages daily. AkBars Bank Bot develops its employees and last year trained 54% of the company’s specialists. The bot of the Presidential Academy in St. Petersburg answers the questions of applicants and in August 2020 helped more than 1000 applicants. At the same time, all cases were implemented using a visual constructor with NLU. Just AI, a technology developer for conversational AI, talks about the details of building chatbots.

Chatbot MEGA and IKEA sorting garbage

About 70 million tons of household waste is generated in Russia annually, which is 10 times the weight of the Cheops pyramid. When waste decomposes, it releases hazardous chemicals such as methane, which we breathe in sweat.

MEGA and IKEA are implementing the global strategy for sustainable development “YES to people and the planet!” and a few years ago we launched a separate waste collection program “Division Rules” in St. Petersburg. Sorting points appeared on the territory of two MEGA centers, cooperation with processing enterprises was established. The organizers of the movement began to give lectures and created a group on the social network VKontakte, at the time of publication it had more than 22 thousand subscribers.

“Partly the reason for the unpopularity of environmental initiatives in Russia is the lack of eco-education of the population. People do not understand how, where and in what form they can hand over waste. We constantly received questions whether this or that product was accepted, whether it was necessary to remove the labels from the bottles. We wanted to make sure that anyone could instantly receive answers to requests for labeling and separate collection of waste “, – Alexander Stradyshev, project curator, MEGA Parnas

Waste can be reduced almost 80%, if organic and food waste is buried in the soil, and hazardous – properly disposed of.

The organizers received so many VKontakte messages that they decided to automate responses to typical requests. The “Division Rules” team developed in the constructor Aimylogiс a chatbot that now helps the group admin. The bot is an interactive FAQ, where there are answers to frequently asked questions: “Is it possible to turn it in”, “Where are you”, “Working hours of stations”, “Do I need to remove the label”, etc.

The chatbot was developed in several stages. To begin with, we put together a table with all possible waste labels, their descriptions and the possibilities of receiving and processing. Then we wrote scripts of questions and answers, their development took about a week, and the bot was programmed. Finally, we improved the wording, logo and easy-to-recognize markings.

After the implementation of the chat bot, the group members began to receive answers to emerging questions faster, and the curators were able to focus on solving social problems.

In the future, the “Rules of Division” team plans to teach the chatbot to recognize markings from a photo – in a few weeks of work, users have sent 127 photos to the bot.


The chatbot is able to recognize the 8 most common waste fractions. It processes about 30 messages daily, and helped over 500 people on peak day… Over the entire period of operation, 4,430 people have used the bot.

Uppsala Circus chatbot knows the show schedule

The only circus for hooligans in the world, Uppsala Circus, where acrobatics, juggling, contemporary, elements of street culture, parkour and breakdancing are combined, does not receive funding from the state, but works through ticket sales and the support of spectators and partners. To collect donations, the circus has a separate website with a built-in chatbot.

From AI technology in Uppsala Circus, first of all, they wanted to get more opportunities for communication with spectators and volunteers.

“Many companies have one problem: people come to the site, find out something and just leave, and in fact we will find out what kind of traffic was on the site. We wanted to collect contact information of users, understand what kind of people they are, and send them relevant information in the future, ”- Ekaterina Cheremisina, PR-manager of Uppsala-Circus.

The character of the chatbot is a dog named Pina, which was written off from the director’s real dog.

“The circus as a whole is about emotions and surprise. Someone jokingly suggested making Pina a chatbot character. I was hooked on this thought, because Pina is constantly in the circus, in full view. It seemed to me that such a character could interest and entice users, ”- Ekaterina Cheremisina.

The idea really succeeded. “I’m running after the ball! But I will answer a couple of questions! ” – writes Pina’s dog in dialogue. She can throw off the schedule of performances, give directions in courses, explain how to get to the circus and what transport is better to use. The chatbot has threads for cooperation, volunteering, donations. Pina also invites everyone to fill out the contact form.

If Pina does not understand the question, then she asks to ask it differently. This helps to refine the chatbot and add new requests and wording to the script. If the visitor has entered his data in the contact form, then the operator will contact him for complex issues.


During two and a half months of work in the circus, the robotic dog Pina helped 144 unique users. The Uppsala Circus team has an idea to build a donation window into the chatbot. In addition, the circus is currently developing a new website and plans to integrate a chatbot there.

The big plans are to divide the visitors who left their contact information into segments and send them targeted mailings. Depending on what content will be interesting for users to receive and what kind of response will go to it, the further strategy of working with the audience will depend.

Spent on the constructor of chatbots Aimylogic at the time of publication: 3,960 rubles.

AkBars Bank chatbot develops employees

The technology of chatbots is in demand in the HR-sphere, it is often used for the tasks of pre-screening candidates, onboarding new employees and surveys. AkBars Bank took a broader view of the technology’s capabilities and developed 9 bots, whose task is to train and develop personnel.

“We planned to launch a training, applied and mass product in the company, but there was no budget for implementation. We also understood that regional employees want to study, but do not have the opportunity to go on business trips, ”- Marina Vakhtina, head of the Ak Bars Bank Training Center.

AkBars Bank chatbots help employees to master professional skills such as mastering Excel and develop soft skills. Bot “Barsik” teaches communication skills: it gives a task and answer options, and then pronounces the correct option and explains why other options are wrong.

In structure, bots are similar to a personal account on edtech platforms and applications, but the independent development of a bot in Aimylogiс saved the company time and money, and gave the team more freedom to control the learning process.

Many bots are deployed in telegrams. The messenger can be installed on a computer and smartphone. Accordingly, the employee always and everywhere has access to his training materials, texts, videos and assessments and at any time can again ask for information that did not fit right away. This allows you to train employees with minimal disruption to the workflow. In addition, the company recognized the important social function of learning with the help of a chatbot: in the course of classes, employees who have never crossed paths get to know each other and exchange practices.


For 3 months 2019 using a chat bot 1798 people were trained – 31% of the company’s employees. Travel expensesrelated to training trips, fell by 36%.

In 2020, when business travel became impossible, the importance of distance learning increased significantly. The chatbot trained 2,726 people – 54% of employees. According to the survey results, in 27 remote regions, satisfaction with training increased from 62 to 75%.

Spent on the constructor of chatbots Aimylogic at the time of publication: 47 200 rubles.

Chatbot of the Presidential Academy helps applicants

Admission of applicants is the maximum load time for any university. In order to make the admission process as comfortable as possible, the project “Virtual Assistant of the Applicant” is operating at the St. Petersburg RANEPA under the President of the Russian Federation. The essence of the program is that everyone leaves an e-mail and then regularly receives useful information on it.

But the university did not stop there and decided to make the assistant really virtual. A chat bot was chosen for this role. Today he works on the university website and Telegram. Unlike an admissions officer, a bot can answer questions at any time of the day. For a popular university, to which people come from all over Russia, this is an urgent task.

“According to the Council of Rectors of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, 70% of the applicants come to our city from other constituent entities of Russia. To make the process of entering a university for them as simple and understandable as possible, we decided to create a consultant with artificial intelligence – a force that never sleeps and is able to communicate with thousands of users at the same time, ”says Vladimir Shamakhov, director of the North-West Institute of Management.

It is worth saying that the virtual consultant of the SZIU RANEPA is a native of St. Petersburg, which is why he is ready to answer questions not only about admission, but also to tell applicants about the main attractions of the city. To do this, you need to ask only one question: “Where to go in St. Petersburg?”

Employees of the selection committee participated in the development of the bot. They collected applications from applicants, conducted a brainstorming session and identified frequently asked questions by applicants. After creation in the constructor Aimylogic and chatbot publications began to analyze requests and add new answers and questions.

The bot can suggest passing scores for a particular program, where to find the competitive lists of applicants and the applicant’s personal account, how and in what time frame to submit documents, and also inform about additional entrance tests. The chat bot transfers individual requests of applicants to the admissions officer.


The peak of the questions was predictably during the entrance exams. In August 2020, over 1000 people used the bot.

Flower chatbot accepts orders in the online store

Flowers in the BouquetOpt online store are bought by customers from different regions and even time zones. Every day they have questions about assortment, delivery and prices. At first, they could be asked by phone or chat on the site, the operator answered them. The employee finished work at 8 pm – some of the questions remained unanswered, and the company was losing money.

Then, for the convenience of buyers, the Open Lines of Bitrix24 were connected to BouquetOpt. This system collects messages from different platforms – Instagram, VKontakte, WhatsApp, saves them in CRM and queues them up to the operator. It turned out that it is convenient for people to ask questions in the usual social networks and instant messengers – the number of calls has grown several times, and the resource of one operator is no longer enough. Then the company started thinking about a virtual assistant.

People often ask the same type of questions: ordering, payment, delivery, assortment, and it is much easier when a bot answers them. We listened to about 300 calls and identified 11 groups of frequently asked questions, – Lada Tregubova, marketing specialist at BouquetOpt.

To study materials and instructions Aimylogic it took a week. The main task was to correctly compose the logic of questions and answers for the chatbot.

“I am a linguist by education, and I picked up intents, words and word forms quite quickly. People formulate their requests in very different ways, but the meaning is the same, ”- Lada Tregubova.

During the work of the chat bot, it became clear that questions work better, where the buyer chooses an unambiguous answer – yes or no. This reduces the percentage of errors and force majeure that require operator involvement. In the near future – to remake part of the script for closed questions.


Bot serves about 1000 dialogs every month. Their performance in the company is monitored by utm-tags. 1000 requests give 269 conversions to the sitefrom customers who have visited the online store 23% add the order to the cart and 14% pay for the purchase.

The BuketOpt online store plans that in the future the bot will collect customer contact information, create leads in Bitrix24 and place orders on its own. This will shorten the purchase time and increase the productivity of the entire online store.

Spent on the constructor of chatbots Aimylogic at the time of publication: 68,990 rubles.

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