How can blockchain save resources from blocking?

I don’t yet know of ready-made solutions among Russian successful cases, but most Russian companies, from Dixy to Sberbank, have attracted developers from 2017 to the present.

The main advantages of blockchain in business are, firstly, the speed of information, receipts. Secondly, the reliability of the registry, which will store information that cannot be changed. Thirdly, this is a kind of seal with which it will be possible to sign documents, to do this quickly and automatically.

The danger lies in the fact that if the blockchain is overloaded, as is the case with Ethereum, then all this can “get up” for an indefinite time.

To keep corporate information from leaks, you need to keep an eye on the developers. In the event that some employee who will work with the blockchain makes amendments to create a leak, then it can happen.

Deploying a blockchain system on your own is quite expensive, although not difficult, but it all depends on the scale. A full-fledged formation of a blockchain for your needs will cost about $200,000.

To use decentralized systems, you do not need special skills, an ordinary accountant will cope with work in the blockchain. A user interface will be created where a person will work in the same way as with the Chrome browser or with some other program.

There is no direct interaction with the blockchain here, you don’t have to write code and do calculations yourself. A person will use it as a program, everything is absolutely simple here.

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