How can a citizen of the Russian Federation open an IP and LLP in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Continuation about the relocation of business in the post-Soviet space. The advantages of relocation in the Republic of Kazakhstan include many factors, including:

  • convenient geographical location for entering the markets of Europe and Asia;

  • the ability to resolve issues with government agencies in Russian;

  • favorable economic situation;

  • low tax burden on business;

  • business registration by a foreigner non-resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

  • opportunity to work simultaneously with the whole world and Russia.

Summary information on taxes in the Republic of Kazakhstan is presented in the table:

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IP in Kazakhstan is not the most popular form of business registration among Russians (unlike LLP), because a non-resident can open an IP only with a residence permit in the Republic of Kazakhstan (residence permit). Unlike the residence permit of Armenia, the residence permit of Kazakhstan requires residence in the republic, therefore it is not in great demand among citizens of the Russian Federation, with the exception of those who move.

To register an individual entrepreneur in Kazakhstan, as a rule, it is required:

  • Application in the prescribed form.

  • Original and copy of the passport.

  • 2 photos 30*40 mm in size.

  • Receipt of payment of state duty for registration of IP.

  • Lease agreement for the premises where the activity is planned, or a certificate from the public service center at the address.

The most popular and convenient form of business registration among Russians in the Republic of Kazakhstan is an LLP or Limited Liability Partnership.

This organizational and legal form is an analogue of the Russian Limited Liability Company. The registration process is complicated by the execution of additional documents for non-residents and the need for additional manipulations.

Before registering an LLP, it is necessary to determine the approximate scale of revenue in order to assess the possibility of applying a simplified taxation regime, an analogue of the Russian simplified tax system. Small businesses that meet the following criteria are eligible to work on it:

1. The staff of the organization should not exceed 30 people.

2. Revenue for the half year should not exceed 24,038 MCI (76,440,840 tenge as of June 2022)

3. The organization must have no structural units

4. The founder or participant of an LLP should not be among the founders (participants) of another legal entity that applies a special tax regime

5. Participation of other legal entities is possible, but not more than 25% of the authorized capital.

In addition, LLP under the simplified taxation regime is prohibited from engaging in many types of activities that are typical mainly for large companies. A complete list of them can be found on the website of the state bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, here are some:

  • activities in the field of pharmaceuticals related to the circulation of potent narcotic and psychotropic drugs;

  • production and trade in excisable goods;

  • activities in the gambling business;

  • audit activity;

  • work with securities;

  • activities in the field of insurance;

  • banking;

  • extraction, processing of many types of minerals, oil and gas;

  • security activities;

  • arms trade.

When doing business and meeting the criteria, you can apply a simplified tax regime with the ability to pay tax on income or received revenue at a rate of 3%.

Registration of an LLP in the Republic of Kazakhstan consists of several stages:

preparatory activities.

  1. All participants, non-residents who establish an LLP should obtain an IIN. With the participation of legal entities, obtain a BIN.

  2. Decide on the name of the LLP. It will need to be provided in Russian, Kazakh and English. Especially when doing international business, the name should be euphonious in all three languages.

  3. The founders of the LLP need to decide on the size of the authorized capital. According to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for small businesses, it can be zero.

  4. It is necessary to determine the legal address and provide documents for the right to use it.

Preparation of documents:

  1. Draw up a Decision on the establishment of an LLP in two languages, Kazakh and Russian, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  2. Issue the Charter of the LLP in two languages, Kazakh and Russian, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  3. Prepare an application for the application of a simplified taxation regime when carrying out a permitted type of activity and meeting other criteria.

Submission of documents and registration of LLP:

1. Get an EDS for each founder of the company being created.

2. Submit documents on the portal or in person at the Public Service Center.

3. Obtain a decision on the registration of the LLP.

This is followed by the choice of a bank, opening an account and other chores for starting business activities in a new location.

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