How a voice skills developer can gain access to Sberbank’s audience (short cut)

Just AI became the first accredited technology partner SberDevices to create voice skills for virtual assistants Salute. Now businesses can order from Just AI the development of voice smartups that will be available in the SberPortal set-top box, SberBox smart screen and Sberbank’s mobile applications – including skills with built-in payments. And in the chatbot constructor Aimylogic and enterprise platform JAICP there was a convenient integration with the new channel – developers can create smart-ups on their own and even transfer ready-made skills (for example, developed for Alice) into Salute assistants. We will tell you how to do it and why.

The integration of Aimylogic and JAICP with the Salyut ecosystem allows not only developing any new voice skills for Sber devices and applications (this is interesting in itself, there are many interesting features), but also transfer to assistants Salute your skills that already work in Alice, Marus, Google Assistant. What does it do?

Reaching the audience of the Sberbank ecosystem

There are more and more voice assistants in Russia, they are becoming more and more popular. This enables developers to attract new users and increase traffic to skills. The assistants of the Salyut family – Athena, Joy and Sber – live in the SberBox smart TV box, SberPortal smart screen and even Sber’s mobile applications. According to the results of the first quarter after launch, the monthly audience of Salyut virtual assistants is 2.5 million, and the potential audience of the entire Sberbank ecosystem is 100+ million.

Opportunity to win 2.5 million rubles

SmartMarket team every quarter defines best skills (smartups) for virtual assistants Salute. Aimylogic developers can also compete for the prize pool! For example, Sergey Kulakov, who spoke on Habré about how he won several Alice Awards using development on Aimylogic, recently won the main prize of 2.5 million in the Daily Active Users nomination for the Guess the Song skill.

Try new features

Convenient acceptance of payments in voice skills. Almost every user of Salute’s assistants has a payment card. You can connect a payment method at any step of the scenario – right in the skill of the virtual assistant (important: in order to enjoy the benefits of monetization, the developer must have a legal entity).

Test how skills will work on screens and beyond. For smartups connected to the Sberbank platform, available emulator. It simplifies testing them on the main platform surfaces – SberPortal and SberBox smart devices, as well as on mobile devices in SberBank Online and Sber Salyut applications.

In Aimylogic, the output of ready-made voice skills in Salute assistants is possible with text, pictures and audio (and there, and video is just around the corner): read the tutorial How to connect the Salyut channel

Ekaterina Lebedeva, Head of the Just AI Affiliate Program:

“Sber’s entry into the market of voice assistants and smart devices raises the bar of requirements for content development – Salute assistants are available on different surfaces, including smart screens, the skills for which meet the multimodality trend, that is, they combine voice, visual and touch interfaces. … This will allow the business to embody the most daring and interesting ideas from the UX point of view, and we are pleased to offer our expertise and assistance in implementation. ”

Well, on a note. Just AI has been helping businesses create content for voice assistants and smart devices since 2018. The company closely follows trends in the field of voice UX and business models in the voice industry and has serious expertise in the implementation of such projects. In the field of voice assistants and creating content for them, Just AI cooperates with Google, Yandex, Mail.Ru Group, SberDevices, as well as with manufacturers of smart devices – Roobo, NotAnotherOne, Cinemood, Mishka AI, Elari and other companies.

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