How a cloud service turns into a pumpkin

On one of the forums, either Seliger or iVolga gave us a “gift” a device that puts the computer into sleep mode. The point was that when you press the button, the computer fell asleep. At that time, in my opinion, the computer should have gone to sleep automatically after some time of inactivity. “What kind of unnecessary bullshit?” I thought and threw the device into the box. Today, while sorting out the contents of the box, for the presence of trash, I found it. I decided to check how it works before throwing it away. And it turned out that the domain name, where there was a service that provided work, has long been used by some other company …

This device even won some award in 2008: The National Energy Awards. Judging by the site, the UK award (by the way, the site also does not work).

You can try to visit

The moral of this story is that when you buy a device that is completely dependent on a cloud service, keep in mind that there may come a time when it stops working.

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