House of Singing. Chipolo ONE Smart Keychain Tracker Review

2020 began traditionally – from the CES exhibition (it seems that it was a long time ago, in a different life). In a review of interesting gadgets from Las Vegas, we mentioned the new product from Chipolo – the smart ONE keychain. And they promised to return to him with a detailed review. They promised – we’re coming back. We tell how the updated tracker helps you find lost things and catch cats.

There are a number of eternal questions. Why are we in this world? Is there another intelligent life in the universe? And where, pray tell, have my keys gone again? You can still get the exact answer to the last question, rather than the traditional clue “Look in your pockets …”. Provided that on a bunch you have a Chipolo keychain. Life hack works not only with keys, but also with bags, wallets, bicycles and even cats.

Chipolo – Gadget originally from Kickstarter. The life of many successful crowdfunding projects develops in a similar way: a successful pilot product, interesting variations on the topic (in the case of Chipolo, tracker card) And, after a few years, the restart of the original product, improved taking into account all the developments and user feedback. And so it turned out Chipolo ONE.

Hook, call, find

Chipolo one – plastic “round” with a diameter of 38 mm and a width of 6.4 mm. There is a hole for a ring or carbine. It looks like a regular keychain. It remains so without an application.

Through the Russified Chipolo application, you link the keychain to your account. Everything is as friendly as possible: an animated instruction helps to connect the gadget and talks about the main functions. After the tutorial, you can only attach it to an important thing – and take advantage of new features.

One click in the application – and the keychain begins to ring. The sound will easily detect the loss. The technology works in the opposite direction: you can search for a phone with keys. Double-clicking on the key fob activates the phone’s ringing even in silent mode.

The tracker connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology, which can significantly save battery power. The range of the tracker is up to 60 m.

The Chipolo app reads the location of the tracker throughout the connection using the smartphone’s GPS navigation. When a thing with a keychain leaves the Bluetooth visibility range, a notification arrives on the smartphone. The last known location of the item is displayed on Google maps in the application.

ONE: louder, longer, more reliable

Keychain Chipolo ONE – a successful rethinking of previous models. The novelty has incorporated the best. This is the loudest tracker in the series: the sound notification level is 120 dB. You will hear it from any room, even under a pile of things.

ONE is also the most durable of Chipolo – it works up to 2 years from a replaceable CR2032 battery. And reliable – it is protected from dust and splashes according to the IPX5 standard.

You can choose from the same classic colors of the brand: black, white, blue, red, yellow and green.

How Chipolo Keychains Unite Things and People

You can limit yourself to one keychain. And you can add several to your account – each for its own thing. Trackers are displayed in the application in their real colors. For each, a picture tag and a name are selected so as not to get confused. Finding multiple keychains at once, a backpack and a bicycle will help Set of 4 smart keychains Chipolo ONE.

Note the editor

The modern language norm prescribes the use of the plural form for the plural. But in real life, of course, no one says that anymore. You will see that in a couple of years the “trinkets” will become legalized in written speech, and the “trinkets” will have a note of devices. We are just a little ahead of time.

Trinkets can not only be added. They can be shared. The application has the option of providing access to the tracker to other users. This is convenient, for example, if you have one car per family – and the keys to it constantly change hands.

If notifications and sharing could not be saved from loss, the Chipolo Lost & Found community will come to the rescue. Mark the item as lost in the application. In this case, an anonymous signal will be sent to the community. As soon as one of the community members appears in the Chipolo ONE coverage area, his phone will catch the tracker signal and a notification with the current coordinates of your keychain will be sent to your application and email.

If your lost key chain, for example, ends up in Moscow, in the Sparrow Hills area, you will definitely receive a notification. Our office team has long been in the Chipolo community.

Call cat or dog

As already mentioned, smart key chains are not only suitable for keys. You can do the same with a bag, wallet, umbrella. Or, for example, with a bicycle and a stroller.

Chipolo ONE will help out those owners who decided to take their pet to the cottage. You no longer need to look under each bush to find a furry friend. You can call him. And as soon as the pet is more than 60 meters away from you, a notification will come to the smartphone.

Yes, and imagine a comic situation – if the phone is missing somewhere, you can use the cat to find the gadget.

Ok Google, where are my keys?

With Chipolo ONE you can search for lost things even faster. You do not even need to open the application for this. It is enough to use a convenient widget where all the key chains are taken out. Or contact your voice assistant. For Apple phones, voice commands are connected in Siri settings. For Android smartphones, key chains are added via the Google Home app.

And finally – two more functions that will make working with key chains more fun:

  • Change ringtone. In the application, a choice of 7 ringtones for the keychain: from a Christmas song to Morse code.
  • Button for selfie. Yes, Chipolo ONE helps you take selfies. Now you know about it.


You can purchase Chipolo key chains in our online store. On the Chipolo one until May 17 the action is valid – 20% discount on ONEHABR promotional code: 2 190₽ 1 752. Set of 4 smart keychains Chipolo ONE already for sale with a 25% discount: 8 7606 570 ₽.

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