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The holidays continue, and for all of us this is a serious endurance test, which not everyone can pass without good preparation. This is especially noticeable according to the results of our New Year’s poll, which are published right here under the cut. Harsh, inexorable numbers. But we must boldly look at them and draw the appropriate conclusions.

In order not to break traditions and to make it easier for you to navigate during this difficult time, the survey was again conducted in the official Russian-language blog and on Habré, but this time, only 343 respondents were able to get to the vote between the breaks of firecrackers and multi-row serpentine rings. To the question “Did you have a browser running on New Year's Eve?” They were able to report the following:

Poll in the official blog

  • Yes: 53.8%
  • No: 41.8%
  • I am at a loss to answer: 4.4%

Poll on Habré

  • Yes: 57.8%
  • No: 39.1%
  • I am at a loss to answer: 3.1%

And here are the numbers in the general chart.

Combined data

As you can see from the graph, the majority of respondents celebrated the New Year with a charged and fully working browser – even in such difficult conditions, they continued to maintain their presence at the forefront of modern technology. Slightly fewer respondents did not launch the browser on New Year's Eve, but, given the participation in the survey, they were ready to launch it at any time. Well, almost 4% of the survey participants were able to give a signal that they are here with us, even despite a slight concussion after falling under massive blows of firecrackers, crackers and exposure to liquid chemical weapons of mass good mood.

According to the results of the survey, it can be concluded that modern technologies are increasingly entering our lives and are already becoming a mandatory attribute of all holidays and other important events. And that's great.

Thanks to all the participants in the survey, on behalf of Vivaldi Technologies, we congratulate everyone on the upcoming Christmas, we are waiting for your answers in the following surveys and are preparing new gifts for the whole year!

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