holiday projects based on Raspberry Pi

Fireplace with LED lighting

This is not a real fireplace, but a backlit imitation of one based on a Raspberry Pi. Of course, no matter how good the imitation is, you can’t fool anyone with it. But as an interesting project for a holiday, this idea is quite suitable.

The backlight simulates both fire and flashes of blue, which is more like the tricks of Santa Claus. This installation will appeal to both adults and children. And if you put gifts under the “fireplace”, the magic will be complete.

Everybody is dancing!

Another relatively simple project is to automatically turn on the music when you open the door. The author of the project tells in the video what can be done on the basis of such a project. This can be a door opening detector (which is logical), turning on the lighting in the room, and a number of other useful solutions.

As far as you can tell, the project is not particularly difficult, so it can be easily repeated in your free time during the holidays. If you need details, then they are – link

Illumination of a New Year’s pine tree

And here we have – the creation of a smart garland that is controlled by Alexa. Of course, you can just buy the Philips LED strip that comes with the control box. But it’s better to do everything yourself, on the basis of “raspberry” and NeoPixels. The number of LEDs must be sufficient to make the garland stand out. Otherwise, why then is it needed at all?

The control unit is based on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The costs are very low. If you already have Alexa, then you only need a couple of tens of dollars. Well, the details of the project – here at this link

That’s all for today: there are already a lot of projects, I don’t want to inflate the selection. If you have your own ideas for such crafts or you have already implemented something, write in the comments, we will discuss. And, of course, we congratulate everyone on the upcoming holidays!

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