His City of the Sun

“Memoirs of a nomadic programmer: tales, were, thoughts”. If you have time and mood, I invite you to look through its pages.


1. Plant, people, fate. Half a century in the Russian nuclear industry. Publishing house “CERIS”. Novosibirsk. 2005
2. I.S. Kuznetsov. Akademgorodok in 1975: how Lavrentiev left. The experience of historical reconstruction. Novosibirsk: Publishing house of LLC “Klio”. 2005.ISDN5-88839-040-2
3. Age of Lavrentiev. – Novosibirsk: Publishing house of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, branch B26 “Geo”, 2000. – 456 p. ISBN 5-7692-0366-8

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