High Speed ​​PAC Controller WISE-5580


In connection with the modern requirements for industrial controllers, about the openness of architecture, as well as in connection with the rapid growth in the production of PC-compatible computers, the latter are increasingly being used as controllers for industrial automation tasks. Such PC-compatible controllers are called SoftPLC. This name indicates that most of the functions of conventional PLCs, which were solved at the hardware level, in these controllers can be solved using software.

The main advantages of PC-compatible controllers include: their openness, extensibility and the ability to choose programming tools.
One of the drawbacks of these controllers is the long duration of the controller cycle and, as a consequence, low performance indicators.

Advantech, a company that has been manufacturing industrial computers for 30 years, announced the release of a new industrial PC-compatible controller in 2019 WISE-5580 with high performance and speed.

WISE-5580 It is a ready-made hardware and software platform (Application Ready Platform), designed to solve the tasks of high-speed data input-output, fast processing of this data and operational communication of the entire system with the upper level using industrial IoT protocols.


High-performance, the new controller has a Core i7 / i5 / Celeron processor from Intel and high-speed internal EtherCAT network buses with real-time function and mini PCI Express.

The bridge between IT and ACS

WISE-5580 It was developed to meet the requirements of modern management platforms and allows both office / IT specialists to solve top-level problems and ACS specialists with a runtime executive system CoDeSys to solve automation problems.

The controller can be expanded on the one hand by I / O modules through one of the fastest and most deterministic real-time buses EtherCAT, and on the other hand, by communication modules via the mini PCI Express bus.

General specifications:

• Intel Core i7 / i5 / Celeron processor (up to 2.6 GHz)
• Windows 7/10
• Power backup with alert function
• I / O with support for “safe values”
• 2 serial ports RS-232/422/485 with isolation
• 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with POE support
• 4 USB 3.0 ports
• Supports 3G / LTE / Wi-fi / GPS standards
• VGA and HDMI video output
• Support for Codesys RTE
• Programming according to IEC 61131-3 standards
• Support for Modbus, EtherNet / IP, PROFINET, OPC / UA and MQTT agent mode
• Controller size: 139x100x80 mm


Expansion Modules

I / O modules allow you to start the controller signals from various analog and discrete sensors, thermistors, thermocouples and control actuators.

You can connect digital video cameras to the communication expansion modules with USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet ports with PoE and, after analyzing the received images, send control signals to the servos through EtherCAT modules. Such a use case WISE-5580 will allow you to implement a technical vision system on it.

1 – Head part WISE-5580 for integrating a vision system
2 – WISE-5424VExpansion Module with 4 USB 3.0 Ports
3 – WISE-5001power module with 4 digital inputs
4 – WISE-5079EtherCAT expansion module
5 – WISE-5074EtherCAT bus coupler
6 – I / O Modules

Using the optional EtherCAT bus coupler (WISE-5074) it becomes possible to split the entire system into 2 different DIN rails or even install part of the modules in another cabinet.

Wireless interfaces

For communication with the controller via such wireless communication channels as Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, GPS, a communication module is connected from the side of the PCI Express bus WISE-5400E in which a mini PCIe card can be installed and there is a slot for a SIM card.

There is a spare hole for the SMA antenna connector on the top cover of the module.



As a turnkey software solution in WISE-5580 acts instrumental software complex CODESYS. This solution allows you to program the controller according to such standards as IEC 61131-3, and thanks to EtherCAT support in CODESYS, it becomes possible to implement very fast control processes in the microsecond range, as a result WISE-5580 can become a PAC (programmable automation controller) with optimized performance. That allows you to program the controller according to IEC 61131-3, and thanks to the support of the EtherCAT bus in CODESYS, it becomes possible to control microsecond processes, as a result WISE-5580 can become a PAC (programmable automation controller) with optimal performance.

CODESYS also provides a built-in 3-level execution system (Control Runtime System) for various application scenarios, as well as a data visualization function.
It is also possible to monitor the status of the entire system through the LabVIEW software platform, ready-made drivers and libraries of the DAQ Navi software package will simplify software development.

The built-in Advantech Lmsensor driver provides the function of maximizing the performance of the controller itself and makes it easy to perform universal Lmsensor operations in programs developed using tools such as Microsoft Visual C ++, Embedded Visual C ++ and other programming languages ​​on different Windows system platforms.


Controller WISE-5580 – is a ready-made solution for the tasks of collecting, converting, processing data and automatic control of technological process. The controller software allows you to seamlessly integrate I / O with the upper level and thereby save the development costs of the entire system, but at the same time implement a wide range of automation tasks.

Featuring high-speed internal interfaces, a powerful processor, and CoDeSys support, the developer and end-user using WISE-5580 get the same functionality that a standard PLC can give, but they all have a convenient PC compatible open platform.

The author is an employee of the company IPC2U

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