Help the employee adapt

Recruiting employees is a difficult, time-consuming and expensive task.

If you value your resources and time, then the information below will help you not to waste them.

We do understand that the exit of an employee does not guarantee that he (s) are loyal to the company and stop looking for a job?

I think so, so the top priority for the manager when a new employee leaves is to fulfill the conditions that were agreed upon when hiring. Salary, amount of work, number of hours, and so on.

Why is it important? By following the agreements, the employee’s loyalty to the company increases, the risk of disappointment and early dismissal decreases.

Further, it is important to correctly assess the professional level of a colleague:

  • trainee;

  • starting a career;

  • professional;

  • supervisor.

What for? This will help you understand how long it will take for the employee to adapt and how you can help.

  • A participant in an internship program, a professional school based on a company, requires attention and control for 3 months.

  • A beginner in a career completes tasks according to instructions. Be ready to control the result, become autonomous in performing clear and specific tasks in 6 months.

  • A professional will dive into tasks and processes in 2-3 months.

  • Allow the manager and the expert to apply experience and skills, show the result more expectations, identify bottlenecks, risk zones and propose solutions.

For a competent development plan, pay attention to the motivation of the new colleague.

Ask him (her) how it develops, what materials it uses, suggest courses and trainings in the corporate program. Help to find like-minded people in the team, so that it is clearer for a colleague with whom and what topics can be discussed. Introduce corporate culture and values. James Haskett, Professor Emeritus at Harvard Business School, claims that with well-established interaction, the contribution of teams and employees, the success and value of projects increases by at least 30%.

To make sure that the employee is immersed in work, understands his tasks and role, ask how things are going in 1-1.5 months. Ask to what extent the vacancy and position fit, what exceeded expectations and what did not. Do not forget that the employee is sent vacancies for consideration for the first 2 months after the release. Consider the comments when working with candidates, you will increase the attractiveness of the employer in the market.

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