HandySCAN Black and Black Elite 3D Scanners Overview

We dedicated this review to professional high-precision scanners. Creaform HandySCAN Black Elite and Creaform HandySCAN Blackused in many industries. These are hand-held 3D scanners with laser illumination. Read the article to find out more.

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In the article we will introduce you to the technical characteristics of the equipment and the range of tasks solved using Creaform HandySCAN Black.


  • About the manufacturer
  • Technical Parameters of Creaform HandySCAN Black
  • general information
  • Equipment
  • Preparation for work
  • Software package
  • Expendable materials
  • Creaform HandySCAN Cases
  • Car transmission housing
  • Helicopter design
  • Scan Cadillac Escalade
  • Use in the aerospace industry
  • Comparison of Creaform HandySCAN Black and ScanTech PRINCE 335
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Conclusion

About the manufacturer

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Creaform was established in Canada in 2002. The main activity is the development, production and sale of professional 3D scanners. The company management has chosen an original path of development that differs from a number of competitors. In addition to its own developments and the hiring of highly qualified specialists, Creaform bought companies that work effectively in the same industry.

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The strategy paid off: just a few years later, in 2005, the company’s office in France was opened and the first mobile 3D scanner was launched on the market. The next decade was marked by the release of devices in different price niches: from the UNIscan base model to the VIUscan full-color 3D scanner. In the same period, InSpeck, the leader in the production of scanners for 3D human scanning, was purchased, and representative offices were opened in different countries.

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Since 2013, Creaform has become part of the American holding company AMETEK. The fame of the company grew every year. Exhibitions, contests, awards. For example, the title Product Design 2017 was awarded MetraSCAN 3D. Scanners Go! SCAN SPARK and HandySCAN BLACK were among the leaders at the Red Dot Award.

Technical specifications Creaform HandySCAN Black

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general information

Creaform HandySCAN Black and Black Elite 3D scanners are designed for professional use in a variety of industrial applications.

Examples of tasks to be solved:

  1. Inspection of trunk pipelines for mechanical damage and corrosion;
  2. Reverse engineering – creating a CAD model based on a finished object;
  3. Quality control of finished parts;
  4. Correspondence of dimensional accuracy of finished products to the technical specifications;
  5. Digitization of objects for various purposes.

HandySCAN Black scanners are based on the principle of ease of use – “plug-and-play”. To start the scanning process, you need to connect the scanner to the laptop, turn on the device and start the program. The user has the opportunity to pause at any time, analyze the indicators on the monitor and continue to work.

The differences between the models is the number of working beams:

  • HandySCAN Black – 14 rays;
  • HandySCAN Black Elite – 22.

Due to the greater number of rays, the speed of Elite is higher. The first model can use 1 beam in work. Thus, the scanning time is increased, however, recesses, holes, and other complex sections of objects are studied in more detail. The cameras of both models have a resolution of 0.025 mm. The devices are absolutely safe for sight, due to the use of class 2M technology.

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Before starting work on the surface of the object, you need to evenly place magnetic or adhesive stickers – scan marks. They are used to determine the scanner in space and improve data accuracy. During operation, the labels in the program are highlighted in different colors, by which you can adjust the distance to the object:

  • blue indicates too far a distance;
  • green – optimal removal;
  • red – the distance between the scanner and the subject is too short.

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For the convenience of digitizing objects with non-standard surfaces, HandySCAN Black provides 2 functions.

Auto tuning

Used to scan parts with a mirror surface. To configure, you must turn on the device and lock in one position for several seconds. Laser sensors will automatically adjust to work with the object. This is one of the important advantages of Creaform HandySCAN Black over competitive models that require a matte spray on glare objects.

HDR mode

It works in the case of shooting on a light background of bright details or large pale objects with smooth outlines. In the software, the user selects automatic or HDR mode. The function enhances image contrast when processing data by the device.


In the case with the scanner are:

  • USB cable
  • power cable;
  • USB drive with program files;
  • packaging with stickers;
  • folder with panel for calibration.

Preparation for work