Habit Tracker and 3 Simple Rules to Consolidate Them

A little over a year ago, I decided for the first time in my life to establish healthy habits. Full of motivation and intentions to change my life, every day I got up at 6 am, exercised, read books for 30 minutes and even started meditating.

For a couple of days everything was fine, I really felt better and more productive, but the fatigue began to accumulate and I said to myself, everything seems to be in order, you can skip one day, and today is Saturday and you can sleep longer.

So I missed one day, then another, and a whole week passed without training and reading. I have already missed 10 days and nothing will change from one day, I will start all over again from Monday and so on over and over again.

The more days I missed, the harder it was for me to get back into my habits.

Then I realized that I had taken on too much and it was quite difficult to develop 5 habits at once from scratch, so I decided to choose one and repeat it for 30 days, and later see what happens. I thought that you just need to start, no doubt that it is too easy or vice versa very difficult, just start doing.

small steps every day

The first habit I chose was training in the gym, because. I work remotely and spend all day at the computer. In the evening after training, I immediately felt better, the fatigue and fatigue accumulated during the day passed, I was less worried and worried about everything in the world.

As usual, the first week everything was fine, I alternated strength training and cardio and hit the gym every day. I started with just 20 minutes and gradually increased the time to one hour.

The hardest part was just getting off the couch and walking to the hall door. When you already have nowhere to go, and just continue training. In the third week, the habit began to take hold and training became part of my usual day.

And a new gym opened in my house, a subscription there cost exactly 2 times more, but every day I saved 1 hour on the road and, most importantly, this allowed me to easily continue training without creating additional difficulties for myself in the form of traffic jams or excuses that there is no time today.

#1 Start with just one habit and make it as easy as possible

Attach habits to each other

With one habit sorted out, it’s time to add the next one. After reading a book Atomic Habits, James Clear, I immediately applied one advice from it, attach a new habit to an existing one.

One of my goals is to read and learn new things every day. Finding 30-40 minutes to read in peace is quite difficult, especially when you have a 3-year-old daughter and work from home.

Therefore, I decided to simply combine 2 habits, go to the gym and listen to audiobooks, at first it was unusual, I could lose my thoughts after 10 minutes and start thinking about something of my own, and when I caught myself thinking that I didn’t understand what the author was talking about, I just rewinded back to the place where he listened carefully.

Immediately after training in notion, I write a short summary of what I learned new and how it can be applied in practice, literally 2-3 sentences to consolidate important thoughts for myself. Thus, I have already formed 2 habits (training + reading) that are easy for me to do together.

#2 Attach a New Habit to an Existing Habit

System of habits

Also from the book Atomic Habits, I learned that it is important to perform daily habits with pleasure and, as it were, to cling to their friend for friend, so that each time you do not decide whether to do it today or not, so I combined 3 morning habits into one system and do them every morning. This is Charging – Meditation – teaching English. Everything about everything takes me no more than 30 minutes.

I start with exercises, this is what helps me to cheer up, usually exercises for all muscle groups and a little stretching, then there is meditation, I started with just 30 seconds, and now it takes about 5 minutes, I just concentrate on breathing and calm my mind.

Then I prepare coffee and a small breakfast and sit down for English, the lesson takes 10-15 minutes, where I pull up grammar and learn new words. Studying in the morning serves as a good indicator of my condition, if I didn’t get enough sleep or worked hard in the evening, then I make mistakes more often and hardly complete the lesson.

I like doing these habits in the morning, ie. before the start of the working day. It turns out that only 40 minutes have passed since waking up, and I have already managed so much and the whole day goes according to plan. Also, I don’t have to force myself to do it in the evening when I’m tired and want to get some rest.

#3 Do your daily habits with pleasure

You can skip habits

When I tried all these habits, and for whatever reason I skipped a day or two, I said to myself, can’t you repeat such simple things. But in our life, there may be different situations that change the usual rhythm. Travel, feeling unwell, or challenging tasks at work. And as I get older, I understand that I can’t do everything perfectly and the most important thing is my attitude towards myself.

So I use the two day rule, which means I can miss one day for any reason, but never two in a row. And the two-day rule allows you to be imperfect and at the same time continue to work on the formation of new habits. In the future, I will continue to try new habits, not 5 at a time, but just one at a time to keep my system going.

Habit tracker

After a couple of workouts in the gym or reading a few chapters, I did not notice any changes. As if nothing had happened, but as soon as a month passed, I began to notice changes and feel better, and daily reading and applying knowledge in practice affected work, family and relationships with loved ones.

To reinforce habits and stay motivated, I developed the Daily Habits app for iOS and Android , is a habit tracker that allows you to keep statistics, mark habits and see your progress for a week, a month or a whole year.

I tried over 10 apps before I decided to develop my own. Somewhere a subscription cost 5 thousand rubles a year, somewhere there were no convenient reminders, while others simply did not have detailed statistics.

Therefore, after a year of working on my own habits, I want to make a convenient and affordable tool for those who plan to reinforce new habits.

The app itself is free, and a subscription with all the features costs as much as one cup of coffee. Now I am actively finalizing it and adding new features and your feedback will be useful to me. Download application in the stores and write to me in Telegramwhat works well, and what needs to be improved, I will be glad to any comments.

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