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Washing vacuum cleaners are a separate class of devices that, for some reason, few people have come across. They can not only replace upright vacuum cleaners (both conventional and cordless), but also move the classic mop aside. In today’s review, I will talk about a new product called JONR ED12, which can not only perform dry cleaning, but also clean up spilled liquids or food, and also has its own self-cleaning station.

The purchase of the JONR ED12 washing vacuum cleaner is possible from the warehouse of the Russian Federation, so there are no questions with fast delivery. The factory packaging is a large cardboard box with the image of the device itself and its characteristics.

In addition to the washing vacuum cleaner, the set includes a charging station and its power supply, as well as detergent for better cleaning and a brush.


  • Rated power: 200W

  • Device weight: 3.63kg

  • Pure water tank capacity: 850ml

  • Dirty water tank capacity: 450ml

  • Maximum running time: 30 minutes

  • Battery capacity: 2600mAh

  • Suction force: 9000Pa

  • Charging time: <4 hours

Structurally, most washing vacuum cleaners are the same and are a washing brush with a roller, a main unit, a pair of water tanks and a cane handle with controls. JONR ED12 fully complies with the above, which allows you to replace a classic vacuum cleaner and a mop with one device.

JONR ED12 comes semi-disassembled, which can be assembled by any housewife. It is enough to install both tanks, fix the handle and pour clean water into one of the containers.

When assembled, the washing vacuum cleaner looks like this:

Now you can get acquainted with its individual elements and start with a motorized brush. It is made in the same style with the body of the vacuum cleaner, the only difference is with a translucent black lining on the roller. At first glance, there is a note of high cost, as well as the high quality of the approach. For example, for maintenance of the movable roller, an appropriate lock is provided that allows you to remove it for further washing. The removable top pad is also a convenience, which can also accumulate debris, especially when cleaning organic residues.

Water is supplied through a pair of nozzles, and thanks to the overlay with metal teeth, debris does not clog these channels. At the same time, the debris receiving window is located in the lower part behind the roller itself, which also allows better collection of debris.

In total, the motorized brush has 4 movable wheels: 2 large ones in the back and 2 small ones in the front. When power is applied, the JONR ED12 starts moving on its own, you just need to direct it.

Just above the brush is a 450 ml waste container. The design of the tank has a central tube through which debris enters and settles with water around it. Something like a cyclonic filter in a conventional vacuum cleaner.

The main body is made of the same glossy white plastic as the brush body. The only thing that stands out from the design is a massive rear insert with a contact group and a USB connector for connecting to the handle. Also, rechargeable batteries are hidden in the case, allowing the JONR ED12 to work autonomously for up to 30 minutes.

An 850 ml clean water container is supplied separately, complete with an additional valve with a mesh. The tank itself is made of darkened transparent plastic and is attached to its own seat.

JONR ED12 is far from the first washing vacuum cleaner that falls into my hands, but I have not yet seen such a solution with the transfer of contact to the handle. Usually, any devices use different power connectors, while JONR engineers got around with simple USB-A, using male and female alternately. I do not know how durable it is, but it looks unusual and cool. The body of the extension tube itself is made of metal, painted with black powder paint with the manufacturer’s logo.

The final assembly element is a handle with the already familiar USB-A connector and a pair of buttons to control the washing vacuum cleaner. The buttons are located exactly under the thumb, which means that there will be no problems with operation. Basic control, one button is responsible for turning the device on / off, the second for changing operating modes (dry / wet cleaning).

The complete stand serves not only as a charging station, but also for cleaning the roller. When placing the vacuum cleaner on the station, you can start the process by pressing the wet cleaning button. The duration of cleaning the vacuum cleaner at the self-service station is 35 seconds.

To test the JONR ED12 washing vacuum cleaner, we will use various food residues, which in theory can end up on the floor if you have children or your coordination is impaired. The first in line will be half a glass of milk, accidentally spilled on the laminate. Since this is an ordinary liquid, milk does not cause problems for a washing vacuum cleaner. JONR ED12 is able to not only collect spilled milk in one pass, but also wash the floors under it.

For the second test, let’s spill the rest of the soup, which, in theory, my daughter could not bring to the kitchen. Unlike milk, soup has potato and pasta particles, which can be a problem for a vacuum cleaner. But to my surprise, JONR ED12 did not experience any difficulties and did an excellent job.

The third and final test will be a mixture of various sauces that form the “ketchonaise” in the common people. Why exactly this composition? As with the previous test, my young child may accidentally miscalculate the force and spill any of the sauces onto the laminate. In this case, a damp cloth or a full-fledged mopping saves, but with a washing vacuum cleaner you can get rid of the spill in a couple of seconds.

After each test, I rinsed the container in order to show the remains of a particular product. But it is best to install a vacuum cleaner in the station and start the cleaning process. Pay attention to the condition of the brush after all the experiments. All this is the merit of the cleaning system, which consumes water as if not in itself, but also cleans well.

To sum up, the JONR ED12 washing vacuum cleaner is a great product that does all the tasks assigned to it. If you have small children in your house, then you have definitely come across the remnants of food on the floor, which you had to clean up every time with a mop or hands. With a washing vacuum cleaner, this process will turn out to be so banal that you won’t even notice how you remove the leftover food, but the whole apartment. This is the merit of the brush and movable wheels, which are set in motion and can move independently, you only need to set the direction. There is also a minus for this model, it is a high water consumption and a small tank for dirty water, which I would like to see even more. But if you just need to wash the floors, then a volume of 450 ml is enough for a two-room apartment.

Washing vacuum cleaner JONR ED12 (link is not a referral) is sold on the official JONR Official Store page in the Aliexpress marketplace. And when using a coupon WL3HL43I6X8Y You can get an additional $30 discount. Taking into account all the discounts and the coupon, the JONR ED12 washing vacuum cleaner can be purchased for 13,628 rubles, which is generally a good price for such a device.

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