great chance to earn money in the near future

The promising currency has successfully fought off the attack and is preparing to win back positions.

If you want to earn quick money with minimal risk in the next couple of weeks, you should take a closer look at HEDERA or HBAR. This currency has excellent chances of growth by two to three tens of percent or more.

Where such confidence? Moving Average (MA) and Parabolic SAR analysis for 200 days.

MA is a popular indicator for identifying general trends. HBAR is above the 200-day moving average, the cryptocurrency confidently exceeded $0.09 a month ago, and is now re-testing the 200-day moving average. So far, there are no signs of a bearish trend.

With Parabolic SAR, the situation is even more clear. This parameter is needed by investors to assess the near term. The weekly Parabolic SAR chart shows a steady uptrend for several weeks in a row since January 2023. A great sign for a token, indicating that it attracts buyers.

There is something else. HBAR successfully overcame a major attack launched in mid-March. The attackers used the exploit and were able to lower the Total Cost Locked (TVL) parameter in dApps and the blockchain.

However, HBAR’s margin of safety turned out to be exceptionally high, the coin simply sank to the bottom for a while, and is now preparing to make a powerful jump.

Markets are in solidarity with this assessment, which can be seen in the table. The level of confidence in HBAR and HEDERA is exceptionally high.

Why such trust in HEDERA?

At the moment, HBAR is one of the favorite coins of active traders. Unlike most other cryptocurrency platforms, Hedera is not built on top of a conventional blockchain. Instead, it introduces an entirely new type of technology known as the Hashgraph.

Created in 2016, Hashgraph is much more modern than the blockchain that underpins Bitcoin, created in 2008.

While the blockchain was originally designed to provide secure distributed transactions for bitcoin, the Hashgraph algorithm allows it to be used for many more transactions, such as smart contracts and other distributed applications.

Pros of Hashgraph

  • It is faster, more secure and provides better scalability than blockchain

  • The transaction speed is potentially much higher due to the advanced data structure – up to 10,000 transactions per second.

  • It is more secure because it uses a consensus algorithm that is resistant to attacks and manipulation.

Hashgraph has exactly one minus – this is a higher cost resulting from the need for large storage and bandwidth.

However, this is only in comparison. The average transaction fee on HEDERA is only $0.0001 and is usually completed in less than five seconds. Overall, Hedera Hashgraph processes 5-20 times more transactions per unit of time than most popular proof-of-work (PoW) blockchains.

What is the result?

HEDERA remains the most convenient token for active trading, due to the Hashgraph technology itself and its bonuses.

The data of the platforms and the analysis of the behavior of the token give enough reason to consider it a promising investment in the near future. Like other tokens, HBAR does not ignore the trends of BTC, which is clearly tired of the bearish trend and intends to turn into a bull. And here there is a double cumulative effect, because the HBAR ecosphere is much wider than the use of tokens on PoW.

We can expect an increase in HBAR by 25-50% in the next 2-3 weeks.

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