GoToHome online school: isolate and program

3 min

With code and dumb: 100 hours of programming, 50 hours of video and chat socialization, 1 completed project.

By canceling the onsite school, we changed our shoes to the experimental format – an online camp in the form of an intensive programming for isolated citizens, without leaving the monitor.

We’ll make an attempt to keep a piece of the soul in online format by evening communication, and try to dilute the world of “serious” projects and ubiquitous custom development with “foolish” projects – meaningless and not very, but no less, and maybe more interesting from a technical point of view view.


10 days with virtual goats, filters for the scanner, dull drivers for the printer, a torrent TV and other absurdities with no less excellent evening socialization in the form of a joint ferment of cabbage, pickling eggs, gamma and codrev.

How is GoToHome online school organized?

All participants are waiting for an individual or team project for 10 days.

Each project will have 2 curators – mom and dad. Mom spends most of her time with the project, dad participates more occasionally and helps out when mom is tired and new ideas and solutions are needed, as the most dense stereotypes bequeathed to us.

Canvas of daily procedures is simple:

14: 00-15: 00 Personal feedback on codrev (optional)
15: 00-16: 00 Consultation and discussions
16: 00-18: 00 Work on the project / lab with constant access to the curator
18: 00-19: 00 Consultation and discussions
19: 00-21: 00 Work on the project / lab with constant access to the curator
21: 00-22: 00 Structured socialization (optional)
22: 00-00: 00 Free swimming with access to curators (optional)
00:00 – Deadline for the delivery of tasks and code


Participants can offer their ideas or choose from the ones prepared by us, correlating the existing experience with the project under the strict guidance of the curators.

You can inspire and appreciate the complexity with the absurdity of projects on this sketch of ideas:

Good morning, username. Tegalka for chats in a telegram. Able to understand fuzzy predicates (@ everything, @ online, @ vania) and call the right people in the chat.

Petty OfficerPrinter. A printer driver that swears at a document.

First channel. Jetix channel fire, but it was closed. Let’s make our own TV channel that will stream torrents. And you can manage it with a chat bot.

/ dev / cat. We will be saved from loneliness by a cat. Let `echo ^ _ ^> / dev / cat` say meow!

Brainfac on a leaf. Nuff said.

Countertop. Let’s play board games, write bots and a library for multiplayer and revive our game – an unknown mix of hearthstone, manchikin and bunker.

TabTooMuch. If you sit at the computer for a long time, you can open many tabs and never close them. A browser add-on that closes a random tab every half an hour, if there are more than ten.

CRYPTO3000. A cryptographic algorithm that passes statistical tests (or even verification).

Virtual goat. At field schools we milk goats. To do this, you need to get up at six, get instructed by the milkmaid, and proceed. We’ll write a goat web simulator so that participants in this school can share the experience.

Carpet. A virtual camera with the removal of the background and replacing it with whatever your heart desires.

Snake. Haskell Snake.

Shodan teaser. Search the text in the video and generate a teaser of interest from open sources on the Internet.

Merry Suck. Virtual room and algorithms for a robot cleaner. Farm Frenzy x Sims x Tanchiki x AI research.

Minibus A guide to unknown exhibits of Russian museums with the construction of trajectories on request with a bonus in the form of work with large databases.

Resume. Service for generating a suitable resume or checking for common fakapy.

And a few more rudimentary primaries for the further flight of ideas

– microkernel “matrix”
– rootkit with pranks
– obtector (tor over n hops): base, partial adversary, simulation
– Haskell at the mess
– myCryptoLoveLove verified
– always-on breathing streaming (based on apple watch heartbeat)
– where is the food ?? aggregator of delivery dates platypus, crossroads, etc
– consider cyclomatic complexity and remove bad functions
– scanner driver with filters
– binaural generator / player
– ethled: flashing LEDs stuck on ethernet wires
– truebass: speaker tuner via microphone to get an accurate equalizer profile
– active noise reduction outside the headphones
– audiografana: sound modulation metrics
– PPrivateBrowsing: the user interacts (scrolls, prints) with a copy of the page, these inputs are submitted with a randomized delay / trajectory to the real one
– vectorized Church ternary numbers / DSL
– so that the phone barks and turns off when you bang
– todomvc / spring + kubernetes + iam + ,,,
– wireguard-js / browser is the new os
– performance research nested vpn
– dragon ball gesture recognizer
– crabs: crabs screensaver crabs nibble windows
– frequency analysis: there is a finite language with a finite number of operations. Each operation is encoded by a character set. The more often you use the operation, the longer its description
– plushizhevatel people in the photo
– tracker and push-ups checker on video
– co-stream map
– quarantine chatroulette with tasks
– send an invitation to go out to the balcony and dance to all mobile subscribers around
– blind programming as a service: one sees the code, the other writes the code
– family album of 2 photos of faces
– ar-game zafeykat geolocation

Structured socialization

The program includes all the wonders of online leisure:

  • online master classes from prep: kvasim cabbage, pickle eggs, chop firewood, etc.
  • broadcasts from unexpected corners of the earth
  • candles and intimate conversations
  • gamma with prep
  • wonder quests
  • reading plays, shooting short films, without leaving home


15 000 rubles in 10 days. Applications are accepted here.

Instead of the entrance exam, this time only a small formality – here this hist: if you run it, it gives a token for a 85% discount (enter the promotional code in the field).
You can ask questions about the program. here. You can participate in part, write.


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