Google Map API: CoderMap features and capabilities

The Google Maps API is a set of application programming interfaces that allows a client to interact with integrated services. This makes it possible to build simple apps to more complex location-based software solutions for the web, iOS, and Android.

Initially, the purpose of the API was to place a map on the company’s website, where a businessman can mark his location so that customers can quickly find the office. Today, the functionality of the application has expanded significantly.

Key features of the Google Map API

Most of the tools are powered by Javascript. Among them:

  • Display Google Maps in the browser, on iOS or Android devices and the ability to specify specific geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude).

  • Show InfoWindow, which is a popup to show location information above the marker when clicked.

  • Geocoding or the process of converting a postal address to geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) and reverse geocoding.

  • Selection of the nearest suitable place based on the user’s search query (location, its type and search radius are indicated).

  • Autocomplete displays suggested street names in a drop-down list below the input field as the user enters data, which comes in handy when the location service is not supported by the browser or device.

  • The distance matrix calculates the distance and travel time between two or more addresses based on modes of travel such as driving, walking, cycling, and public transportation.

Other options partially copy the listed functions, therefore they are not listed in this list.

How to get a Google Map API Key

  1. Sign in to the Google Cloud Platform using your own Gmail account.

  1. Create a new project. Go to the “Select Project” menu, which will open a menu with existing projects, if any. Select the one you want to get an API key from, or register a new one.

  1. Make an API key. After selecting a project, click on the “Navigation Menu” button in the upper left corner of the page and select “APIs and Services” → “Credentials”.

Then click “Create Data” → “API Key”, which will open an interface with a ready-made Google Map API Key.

How to set up an existing key for Google Maps

When connecting the specified key and the Maps JavaScript API, the application is provided free of charge, but in the future it will request a donation from the user. To start using the trial period, you need to perform a number of actions:

  1. Activate the free period in the upper right part of the working window.

Confirm your agreement with the terms of use of the software.

Enter your bank card details. This is necessary so that after the end of the test period, the system can withdraw payment for use. Next, proceed to confirm the operation.

  1. At the last stage, about $ 2 will be debited from the card for its verification. In a few hours the amount will be returned. At the end, you will need to fill out a counterparty verification form – attach a photo of a bank card and your passport.

Then you can paste the key on your own site. Typically, the insert field is located in the Applications menu.

Benefits of using a key

Before you get an application, you should carefully study its benefits and understand if you need it. Among the main benefits:

  • Customers will be able to find you on maps, which will improve attendance;

  • There is integration with .js application packages, which are useful when optimizing the site;

  • The audience’s trust will grow and the level of loyalty will increase, which will lead to an increase in sales;

  • The load on the call center will decrease, since most of the calls come with questions about the route.

Of the software advantages, one can note the implementation of the project in Javascript, which is why it is suitable for execution on all platforms.

Analogues and competitors in the Russian market

Google Map API Key is gradually leaving the Russian market. There are no full-fledged alternatives to the project, but you can consider the following options on Android and PC:

  • OpenStreetMap – distributed for free, but significantly inferior in functionality;

  • OsmAnd – used for mobile phones, is considered an offline continuation of the previous type of maps;

  • – you can use it without the Internet, but maps weigh a lot and are poorly suited for embedding on the site due to the lack of integration with .js;

  • 2gis – detailed maps online and without a network, often inserted into the websites of Russian companies. In terms of functionality, they are considered the best of all the listed options.

We looked at the features of the Google Map API Key tool and its benefits. If you want customers to find you themselves, use the instructions and add the key to your site!

If necessary, you can contact CoderSafe and they will set up and create unique cards for your company.

Thank you all for your attention.

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