Goodbye 2020! New Year – with a robocrab, a unicorn and other gifts Madrobots

2020 taught us one wisdom – some events are impossible to predict. But the New Year seems to be. Did you forget to order gifts, hitting the deadlines for the year? Madrobots are ready to help with this, and even pack your purchases beautifully, so as not to break away from the code and spend the last energy on decor.

Ivideon Cute Smart Surveillance Camera

To: a novice businessman or a young parent

Surveillance Camera Ivideon Cute small but independent. No need to worry about how and where to connect it, how to install and configure. A smartphone and Wi-Fi are enough, and the rest is decided through the app and the cloud. It is also not necessary to mount, the camera has a magnetic mount that fits snugly on the refrigerator or metal shelf.

An internal boom would have preferred a tricky camera. But who has the time and energy to tinker with technology when an urgent need to solve a practical problem? Need a baby monitor for your baby – this is Ivideon Cute. For your beloved dog? She’s the same. Hang in an apartment, or set up surveillance at a retail outlet in ten minutes? Take Cute, you can’t go wrong. There is infrared shooting, event triggers, and even a speaker microphone through which you can communicate.

The free Ivideon service plan covers the needs of a nail salon or a small coffee shop. It is more than enough for a home user. Present this to a friend who, during a crisis, urgently opened his own craft pizzeria. Solve problems that he doesn’t even know about yet.

Read a detailed review here.

TimeCup 700

To: coffee lover without a coffee machine

Coffee is living water, the second oxygen for programmers, IT specialists and other busy people. Electric coffee maker TimeCup 700 cooks midnight ambrosia, and also cocoa, makes tea and eggs, stokes milk, warms up water and baby food. An option for coffee lovers who prefer universal devices, and not devices like coffee machines sharpened for one task.

The TimeCup 700 has a ceramic cezve with foam sensors hidden inside. The coffee will start to rise – and the coffee maker will shut itself off so that the precious drink does not escape. There is a place on the handle for a miniature display that shows the mode and temperature. The device is controlled by touch buttons at the bottom of the turk. It can be connected to a computer via Bluetooth to program new recipes.

Glode ColorConer interior lamp

To: a minimalist with a mission

Floor lamp Glode ColorConer turns any corner of the house into a spaceship wheelhouse. The Lens Flare effect is missing for the full Star Trek effect, but you can insert it yourself with a filter on Instagram. And there will be something to photograph – the lamp switches between several glow modes: there is both animation and a static mode. The colors, brightness and speed of the lights are adjusted using the remote control.

Puzzle Unidragon Unicorn

To: a colleague on the verge of burnout

Are you suffering from stress? Maybe your best friend or beloved colleague scares you with depressing jokes or bottomless bags under your eyes? The beginning of January is the time to relax. Wooden reusable puzzle Unidragon “Inspirational Unicorn” will help you do this in the most environmentally friendly way: without a screen.

Even a code guru, somewhere in the depths of his soul, remains a child who looks for patterns and secret meanings in the things around him. What could be better than a wooden toy, in which there are two semantic layers at once: beautiful fantasy graphics and figuratively carved details.

The unicorn, according to Unidragon, is composed of a prince, princess, butterflies, stars, magical items and other adorable details. Together they combine to form one large mega unicorn. All according to the precepts of the Power Rangers. The parts are packed in a pouch and wooden box, so you can assemble and disassemble the puzzle many times. Unidragon was approved by the psychologists we showed it to. This is a worthy thing to fight burnout and overexertion – a real art therapy. And the kids will love it too. There are 3 sizes and difficulty levels to choose from: for about 100, 200 and 300 parts.

Photo-constructor Mozabrick S

To: creative soul

Have you ever laid out LEGO pictures with bricks? Universal puzzle Mozabrick consists of such fragments, the size of one “thorn”, which are fixed on the mounting plate. The squares are white and black, as well as three shades of gray.

Upload a photo or image to the Mozabrick website, receive a ready-made instruction with a layout by mail. Now it can be assembled on plates to make a black and white mosaic panel.

If you don’t like something, or you want to reassemble the picture, you can remove the “pixels” from the plates with a special separator. So they will retain their aesthetic appearance. This is a very meditative activity that takes away from gadgets and endless work tasks.

The Mozabrick S kit consists of 4 individual mounting plates and 5815 parts. The picture is 51 × 51 cm in size and will take 12 hours to assemble. It is better to give such puzzles to people who have free time. However, on New Year’s holidays it will be enough, and the finished result can be immediately hung on the wall with 3M double-sided tape.

IGarden LED Smart Garden

To: the ambitious home gardener

Gardening is the lot of tough men and women who are not afraid of gardening tools, digging in the ground and dealing with fertilizers. But sometimes it’s just a hobby when you want to grow strawberries on the windowsill. For such cases, suitable smart garden iGarden LED

This is a plastic hydroponic plant with an LED lamp on an adjustable bar. Water is poured into the tank; plants are planted in two special pots with an inert substrate; the pots are placed in the tank. The garden will now keep itself lit and hydrated. When the water runs out, he will warn about it. By the way, iGarden LED can be installed not only on the windowsill.

In addition to strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, herbs and flowers grow well in the garden. We recommend starting with basil. It is unpretentious, grows quickly, and there is always a place for it in salads, sandwiches or pasta. Bon Appétit!

Wowwee crab

To: a good geek friend

This toy is called “a real robotic artopod”. In reality, robot WowWee Crab only four legs and a “head” on a long neck. Infrared eye sensors are built into the head. The robot is not like a crab, but like the Boston Dynamics robotic dogs. He has a similar disposition, with a penchant for parties and dancing.

The robot is pre-trained in 72 functions and 40 more can be programmed. In fact, he can even be hacked. The creator conceived the robot in such a way that it could be opened and quickly figured out what each detail is for. Some are even signed.

The WowWee Crab is powered by four C-type batteries. The remote control is powered by three AAA batteries. This is a sincere gift for a child or a real geek: and from the second it will turn out to be the first. That’s how geeks breed, by dividing by the New Year tree.

Bonus: gifts for everyone, and let no one leave offended

Our regular readers might be surprised: how so – a selection of gifts from Madrobots, where are the Picooc scales, Bobby backpacks and Chipolo Bluetooth trackers? It’s okay, they still top our New Year charts and will help out in any weird holiday situation.

Chipolo One smart keychain – a souvenir for an absent-minded friend or relative: wait for the whole next year of thanks and stories, how with its help the keys were found under the bathroom, and the smartphone was found in a pot on the balcony.

To advanced Bobby proAs with other XD Design anti-theft backpacks, it has its own gift – a branded protective set with a mask and replaceable filters.

Scale Picooc S3 Lite – this is already 3 in one: a smart gadget that measures 10+ parameters, fitness tapes for training and video tutorials. Look for these and many other holiday hits in a special section of our online store – New Year’s Gift Guide

The guide will save precious time of the outgoing year and quickly orient on gifts: for a friend, for a spouse, musical or sports. We will be able to immediately pack online purchases in beautiful paper – all that remains is to solemnly hand them over.

Discount on New Year’s gifts

Habr’s readers await special discount 10% for all gadgets and toys listed in the review. And for all the gifts from our New Year section… Enter promo code: BYE2020… Happy New Year, and may the Force be with you!

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