God-given intelligence

Or the hype around artificial intelligence, also known as AI. 😉

There is a famous expression regarding the use of computers: garbage in, garbage out. It would be wise to keep this concept in mind when working with artificial intelligence (AI).

Over the past few years, we have been fascinated by the possibilities of AI. Forbes magazine outlines some of the things we can expect from AI in the next five years.

  1. Transformation of the scientific method. AI and machine learning (ML) will simplify and significantly accelerate medical research. Pharmaceutical companies’ R&D and drug trials will be completed in a fraction of the time it used to take to accomplish these tasks.

  2. AI will provide a next generation consumer experience. Feedback loops will have a much greater impact on our decisions about what we buy and when.

  3. AI will make an important contribution to solving the problems of anthropogenic climate change. Supercomputer research will show us what we are doing to harm the climate and the environment, and what we must do to correct these mistakes.

  4. AI will enable true personalization of medicine. The use of mapped human genomes and diagnosed health problems will allow AI supercomputers to quickly develop customized health solutions.

It is not difficult to evaluate some of the possibilities described here. The ethical acceleration of the scientific method, pertaining to drug development and the development of personalized therapies, is of particular interest to those who have suffered from health problems.

For example:

In Russia, they created a wound-healing gun.

Which will help doctors in the war zone.Russian scientists have developed the first medical tissue pistol in our country, designed to treat wounds in the field.

However, new consumer experiences, solutions to climate crises and foreign policy based on AI are not credible.

One can imagine the damage that AI will cause if we rely on it for foreign policy and the climate agenda. This is where we must demand that accurate, non-political information be programmed into the supercomputers that will become the core of AI.

The impact that AI will have on any job that requires knowledge will be enormous.

Most disturbing aspects concern the phenomena of hallucinations and unexpected emergent properties. When the Googl bot (Bard) was assigned to write an essay on a specific topic, he wrote brilliantly. He cited several books as sources. The problem is that these books don’t exist. The computer invented them and “lied” about them. This “hallucination” seems to be a constant problem for AI bots.

What else threatens AI)

What worries me more is that the company will focus more on AI-generated content. AI is likely to write more and more news articles that appear on the Internet. (Not now, but in the foreseeable future) And all we’re going to see is computers getting stories from computers that have been confirmed by other computers.

Still fueling the hype are less fictitious predictions of a technological singularity.

It is assumed that computer networks can become a cruel master of humanity. The Technological Singularity is a theory, not a wild guess, that predicts that computer intelligence can suddenly (keyword – suddenly) get out of human control. Putting these two factors together, one can understand why artificial intelligence receives so much attention.

It’s different.

According to a Forbes article, “The scale, scope, and complexity of the impact of the evolution of intelligence in machines is unlike anything humanity has experienced before… There is no historical precedent, and this fundamentally destroys All in the human ecosystem.

However, the real threat comes not from computers and AI, but from the people who create, program, and use them.

AI is created by biased people who program their prejudices, including political and social ones, right into these wires and diodes, into lines of code, into algorithms that make AI a useful tool, but as much a subject of abuse as a weapon. Perhaps the first wake-up call of AI abuse came from the production of unmanned military vehicles.

Thus, we need to recognize AI as a useful tool – use it, but not depend on it to make moral decisions that only we can make, not it. Instead of artificial diversity, we should use our natural, God-given intelligence.

PS.. So far, the only benefit of AI is medicine.
And what do you think?

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