global internet infrastructure is improving no matter what

In addition, Lumen Technologies, which is responsible for all ground infrastructure facilities, took part in the implementation of the project.

The length of the highway from Google to the UK was 6.25 thousand km, and to Spain – 6.3 thousand km. Inside the shell there are 32 optical fibers, these are 16 fiber optic pairs. On September 10, 2021, the cable was landed in Spain, and on September 14, 2021, in Cornwall.

Trans-Caspian fiber optic cable

Interesting projects are also being implemented in the CIS. Thus, the telecommunications companies AzerTelecom and Kazakhtelecom


during the annual international technological forum Digital Bridge 2022, an agreement on a strategic partnership for the purpose of laying the Trans-Caspian fiber optic cable along the bottom of the Caspian Sea.

This project is part of a larger project called the Digital Silk Way. Its goal is to create a reliable digital channel between Europe and Asia. The project is of great interest to the countries of Central and South Asia, where there is a great need for Internet channels.

According to the representatives of the project, it opens up access to new markets for all participants. In addition, thanks to this channel, the reliability of the provision of telecommunications services in the countries participating in the project is increased.

Taiwan worries about its internet infrastructure

In order to protect the already existing Internet infrastructure, Taiwan decided to address cybersecurity issues – not only virtual, but also physical. The problem is that the island is connected to the world by 14 undersea cables.

The country’s leadership believes that all this makes the island vulnerable to external attacks, as well as earthquakes. So, in 2006, very strong earthquakes occurred near the island, which caused eight cables to break at once. Naturally, this caused disruptions in the Internet, banking services and cross-border trade, not only in Taiwan, but also in Singapore.

In order to avoid such problems, the country is going to spend several million US dollars to strengthen the existing Internet infrastructure. We are talking about strengthening submarine cables, as well as accelerating the development of 5G base stations.

In addition to Internet cables, the country is going to provide itself with satellite Internet, which, in general, really solves the problem of connection reliability. If something happens to the main communication channel, the backup one enters.

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