GitHub repositories that will surprise you

There are a lot of repositories on GitHub that will be interesting to dig even for a non-professional. Today we have prepared for you a short compilation article from two sources at once (once And two), selected the most interesting.

An empty “zen repository”, a repository of the most stupid password requirements, and a Donald Trump-style Python-based scripting language (and many other interesting and even useful things) are waiting for you under the cut.

Roadmap for web developers

Being a web developer isn’t easy. There is a lot to learn and much to understand. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could come up with a flowchart based on real experience of what to learn/practice and in what order?

Well, someone did just that. This repository is essentially a solid README. But damn good. If you’ve ever wondered what you should learn next, or what next steps to take after mastering a language or framework, check out this repository.

Check back often, it’s being actively updated, almost as fast as web technology!

Is it number 13 or not?

So, we promised that the article will contain not only useful things, but also eccentric ones. Here is one of them.

How do you like js library, whose only purpose is to check if some number is equal to 13? It is unlikely that this project will be useful to anyone in the real world.

It is not known for what purpose this library was written. There are not many people in the world who want to implement this “checker for 13” into their project. Take a look at the syntax:

Looks elementary, doesn’t it?


There are a lot of weird repositories on Onion. It must be a lot of fun to work there. One of these projects Comcastify.js, slows down image loading speed. Comcast, the infamous New York-based ISP, was the butt of this repository’s ridicule. The package’s sole purpose is to make images load incredibly slowly to simulate a poor internet connection. The motto of Comcastify.JS is “Sometimes images load too fast.”

Check out demo pageto see the program in its (delightfully slow) action!

Silly password rules

Have you ever signed up for a site that required you to follow some stupid password rules? This repository is a collection of similar sites. Not just a collection, but a huge list of resources that require very ridiculous password complexity rules to be followed.

Some of the claims are simply absurd. Rate, for example,

Bash Cat With Cat

This is a real cat, an addon for the cat command. Now, no matter what you do with cat, a cute kitten will look at you right from the console window. Or a cat, whichever you prefer.

Looks damn cute. Your files are now truly “quoted”.


Of course, we don’t want to get too political, but someone has created a Python-based scripting language called TrumpScriptand to be honest, he’s very funny! “Make Python great again!” is the motto of the repository. Here is the official description: “TrumpScript is a language based on the legendary Donald Trump. Undoubtedly, he was the best president of the United States, but we found that among modern programming languages ​​there is not one that would be crowned with Trump’s glorious golden candibober.

Here are some of the characteristic features and “jokes” of the project:

  • No floating point numbers, only integers. America does nothing by halves.

  • All numeric values ​​must strictly be greater than 1 million. We don’t care about the little things.

  • Import is also banned. All code must be made in America.

  • Instead of True and False keywords fact and lie are introduced.

  • Only the most common English words, Trump’s favorite words, and the names of active politicians can be used as variable names.

  • Most of the bug reports use quotes taken from Trump’s speeches.

  • Each program must end with the words America is great.

  • The language automatically corrects $4.5B in Forbes to $10B.

  • In its original form, TrumpScript is not compatible with Windows, because Trump is not one to trust a PC.

  • TrumpScript will boycott OS X and all Apple products until Apple provides authorities with information about the mobile phones of a radical Islamic terrorist couple from California.

  • The language is completely case insensitive.

  • If your computer is in China, TrumpScript will not compile. We don’t want the Chinese to steal our American technological secrets.

  • If you build a wall (set the appropriate flag – Wall), TrumpScript will not work on machines with a Mexican locale.

  • It will warn you if there are communists in the system masquerading as legal “SSL certificates” from China.

  • Can’t run in root mode because America doesn’t need your help to be great. Trump is all she needs.

  • Easy to type with small hands.

Also, funnily enough, if a compilation error occurs, it won’t announce itself, because “Trump doesn’t like to talk about his failures,” so have fun debugging!

Laxx (JS Scroll Effects Library)

Okay, let’s get back into the world of useful repositories! Laxxx is a JS library that allows you to create impressive scrolling effects on websites and applications.

Check out the demo pages of the project to see the various effects and modules in action. If you’ve ever dreamed of speeding up your front-end game or creating a crazy, addictive web page, this repository will be your lifesaver!


If your childhood was in the era of retro games, you will love this css package. This repository contains a fully functional css library that will give your project the look and feel of the original NES system. 8-bit assets and all that stuff. Take a look at the demo page and see the project in action!


But this is actually quite useful solution.

  • Trying to remember the SHA-256 hash? No chance.

  • Want to memorize the MadHash SHA-256 hash? Well, good luck.

This repository allows you to create human-readable hashes from normal SHA-256 hashes. All you need to do is enter your hash and get a string of regular words.

Check for yourself:

Very handy if you need to generate a hash that may need to be re-entered. Typing a few dozen familiar words is much easier than a long line of gibberish.

Unfortunately, the dictionary generator filters out profanity. Oh, how many combinations disappear …

No code

An immortal classic is the best way to end an article. repositoryThe , in question, literally does not contain any code. The resource, created by Kelsey Hightower, a Google programmer and a staunch supporter of Kubernetes, is a kind of mockery. A satirical reflection on the approach of many developers to the implementation of open source software.

The comicality (and wisdom) of No Code is best expressed in the repository description:

“Do you know the best way to write secure and reliable applications? Do not write anything and do not expand it anywhere.

We ask you not to take the repositories listed in this article seriously. After all, a programmer’s job is 80% routine and only 5% real intellectual work (the remaining 15% can be attributed to coffee breaks and paid procrastination).

If you have your own examples of useful, funny, interesting repositories, share them in the comments. Curious descendants who found this article will be grateful to you.

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