Gifts from heaven: Germany has developed a drone that delivers 3 parcels at the same time

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For several years now, the market for the delivery of goods by unmanned aerial vehicles has been developing. Slowly but surely, this sphere is moving forward. Recently it became known that the German company has developed a drone capable of transporting 3 packages at a time. The new drone delivers them directly to the customer’s hands. If all goes well, a new era of B2C trading awaits us with very fast delivery with virtually no delays in the provision of services.

Model N 198

A new autonomous aircraft for the simultaneous transportation of three small-sized cargoes was developed by Wingcopter.

The main characteristics UAV:

  • 150 km / h – maximum speed of the UAV in horizontal flight;
  • 6 kg – maximum payload;
  • ~ 75 km the drone overcomes on one battery charge with a load of 6 kg;
  • a drone flies up to 109 km, carrying light loads;
  • 8 rotors for takeoff of the delivery drone;
  • 2 UAV wings for horizontal flight;
  • 3 separate attachments and winches for lowering the load;
  • 10 drones can be simultaneously controlled by one Wingcopter operator.

Another feature of the courier drone is that it is equipped with sensors and the necessary software that helps to fly around obstacles and leave parcels in the required places.

Drone completed according to the scheme of a mixed tiltrotor and uses a tilt-rotor mechanism.

Four fixed propellers at the edges allow vertical takeoff and landing. The fuselage center has four more rotary rotors. They rotate 90 degrees: they are used for vertical and horizontal flight.

As a result, the device has the advantages of two types of similar models:

  1. Knows how to smoothly take off and land vertically.
  2. Due to the fixed wing, it can hover in the air and quickly move over long distances.

Why are rotary rotors useful? They react to sudden gusts of wind and adapt the UAV to unfavorable weather conditions.

In case of problems, the interception of control of the drone by a human operator is provided. To avoid collision with other aircraft in the air, the copter equipped with receiver ADS-B and transponder FLARM

What else

The German startup has been developing and improving copters since 2017. According to CEO Tom Plummer, their next mission is to build a drone delivery network and develop logistics highways in the air. The services can be used in the following areas: healthcare, e-commerce, grocery delivery.

Wingcopter has started accepting applications for the first 100 air couriers. In the future, they plan to launch mass production.

Now the company gets a license from the United States Federal Aviation Administration to perform commercial cargo transportation.

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