Get a job in the IT sphere without experience. Plarium Krasnodar HR tips

For aspiring Unity developers, game designers, game analysts, and game testers. In the Krasnodar studio Plarium, you can get these vacancies without work experience: the company will train you and pay a salary. How to write a resume, do a test task, pass an interview so that you will be chosen among other newcomers?

Edit your resume for the vacancy

Newcomers often write about themselves in their resume as “purposeful”, “responsible” and “stress-resistant”, indicate the desired position, education and phone number. But this is not enough for the recruiter to select a response from a hundred others and pass it on to the customer.

Fill out your resume with information that matches the vacancy. Let’s see how to do this, using the example of our last year job as a game analyst and a resume template with

First, read the job requirements carefully.

Now fill out your resume based on these requirements.

1. In the “Key Skills” section, write down those skills that are listed in the “Requirements” and “Will be a big plus” in the job description. Of course, if you own these skills.

Completing the section “Key skills” on

If the requirements include knowledge of SQL and Python, please include them. They write that analytical thinking is important – add it. But skills that do not belong to the chosen field are unlikely to interest a recruiter. If you’re applying for a game analyst job, being able to come up with slogans or draw 3D models won’t set you apart from other candidates.

Part of a real resume for a game analyst job. Source: base of HR department Plarium Krasnodar

What is good about the example: the applicant added “A / B tests” and “Cohort analysis” and thereby showed that he knows the types of user analysis.

2. In the “Additional education” section, indicate the courses taken, both paid and free. It is better to list the courses that apply to the job.

Completing the section “Additional education” on

3. In the section “About me” encourages people to talk about their hobbies, personal qualities, and generally share any additional information. But instead of talking about how you build model airplanes or draw still lifes, it is better to explain why you are a good candidate for the job.

You can write:

  • why do you want to get this job;

  • what you watch, read, listen to in the chosen field of knowledge;

  • what skills will help you in your work.

Part of a real resume for a game analyst job. Source: base of HR department Plarium Krasnodar

What is good in the example: a person writes how he studies as an analyst, indicates that there is a portfolio, tells what skills he acquired in a previous job and how they will help in a new field.

Create a portfolio with 1-3 works

For beginners, a portfolio is not necessary, but even one example of your work will increase the chances of getting a test task.

How to fill a portfolio in a resume? Add your thesis, any personal project, test assignments that you performed for other companies. Another way to get a project is to work for free for non-profit organizations or charitable foundations: write a simple code, find a bug in the application, collect data on website traffic, etc.

For a beginner, one or three works in a portfolio are enough. The main thing is that they show your current level of knowledge – so there is no need to upload to Github a five-year-old project that you did when you entered the university.

Don’t send blank cover letters

Newbies often don’t know what to write in cover letters and send a simple greeting. Or worse, a period instead of text.

The cover letter isn’t just for the sake of a tick: recruiters actually read it. It can help you get your test assignment even if you don’t quite fit your resume.

To write a good letter, tell:

  • What attracts you to the vacancy and why do you want to develop in this area. Write as it is. If you love numbers more than people, say so. If you dream of getting into game development in order to play 24/7, also tell the recruiter about it.

  • Why do you want to work in this particular company. Look at its official website, read blogs on Habré,, Behance, Yandex.Dzene and other resources, study pages on social networks. The employer will see that you have collected information about him and will appreciate it.

  • What skills will be useful to the employer? For example, if you are applying for the position of a game designer, describe how you could monetize one of the game’s features. If you want to work as a QA engineer, indicate that you know how to write bug reports, etc.

A real cover letter for a game analyst resume. Source: base of HR department Plarium Krasnodar

What is good in the example: a person demonstrates his knowledge – gives the terms “percentiles”, “wau”, “retention rate”, “ltv”, lists the skills required for a vacancy.

What can be improved: there are no specifics in the words “incredible desire to do what you love”, “to do everything possible to make the company proud of me”, so everyone can write about themselves. It would be more helpful if the person could explain why they like analyzing data and how they can help the company.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in the test item

If you have no idea how to solve half of the problems in the test task, or you are drowned in incomprehensible terms, do not panic and do not write to the HR that you refuse to work.

It’s ok if the test item seems difficult to you. After all, it is composed so that the candidate shows the maximum level of knowledge. The employer does not have a task to overwhelm a newcomer, and you do not have a task to solve everything correctly. Just show what you are capable of.

If you don’t know how to solve the problem in the test:

  • See how others have done a similar task. Google, study Habr, use Stack Overflow. Try to come up with someone else’s solution.

  • Please provide all your rough drafts, even if they are incorrect. Just be sure to write that this is an inconclusive decision.

  • Admit that you cannot solve this problem. At the same time, describe the difficulties you encountered – the employer will better understand your skill level.

After a while, work on the errors. If you tell at the interview what you would have fixed or improved in your decisions, you will get an additional plus.

What you don’t need to do if you can’t solve the problem:

  • Copy and paste pieces of code. The manager can google it too. And google it. This means that it will easily find the source from which the code is taken.

  • Embed pieces of theory from Wikipedia or other sources. If you want to show that you have decided to thoroughly understand and began to google, state the theory in your own words.

  • Asking someone experienced to complete the task. Most often, you can see who did the test: an intern or a middle one. If the examiner has any suspicions, then during the interview he will ask many questions on the assignment.

  • Leave the unfinished task without explanation. It happens like this: three tasks are done, in the other three there is a void in the place of the answer. The employer may think that you were too lazy to do them or that you missed them due to inattention.

A real letter with a test task for the vacancy of a Unity developer. Source: base of HR department Plarium Krasnodar

What’s good: the applicant complies with the agreement – to send the test by a certain date – and tells which tasks he did not complete and why.

Be honest about your pros and cons

Many people think that in order to get a job, you need to show your best side in the interview. They demonstrate hyperresponsibility, an ardent love for work and for the company, an overwhelming thirst for knowledge, etc. But writing about yourself is a bad way.

Imagine: in an interview, a candidate said that he loves games, although this is actually not the case. He got a job and is now forced to understand the mechanics that are not interesting to him and analyze the projects of competitors all day long. For each such task, a person has to overcome himself. He’s bored. He is tormented.

Just be yourself. The employer does not choose the best performer, he is looking for someone who is good enough for his task. Perhaps he just wants to take on the team a pedantic introvert. Or an inquisitive person who cannot focus on one thing for a long time.

Give honest answers. If you are asked why you want to change jobs, and you leave because of a misunderstanding with your boss, say so. If asked about the shortcomings, do not joke in response, but list everything that bothers you. Give reasons for your opinion: this way the recruiter and employer can better understand you.

Examples of how you can argue your point of view

Briefly about the main thing

What to do to get a job in the IT field without experience:

  1. Fill out a resume according to the requirements for a specific vacancy. Edit it when applying for a new vacancy.

  2. Make a portfolio, even if there is only one project.

  3. In your cover letter, tell us how you can help the employer.

  4. Do not be afraid to make mistakes in the test item. If you cannot solve some problems, then instead of answering, describe the difficulties you encountered.

  5. Be yourself in the interview, not the coolest, smartest and strongest.

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