Germs (fantasy story)

The two broke into a storage room lined full length with small cubic containers.

“Abi, are you sure the Old Man won’t find out?” – Cowardly asked the first, taller. “We will have to break the seal, and this is a serious violation.

“Don’t drift, old chap,” the one called Abi assured. – Sealing wax seal, nonsense. We will tear it off, and then we will attach our seals. The acceptance checks for the presence of a seal, and that’s it – it will throw the embryos where it should be. No one will know ahead of time.

– Maybe not worth it?

Phil, I can’t do without you. You don’t mind laughing at the Old Man, do you?

“I don’t mind,” Phil admitted, slightly frightened. – He got me lately.

– Then turn the unit around.

In obedience to his friend, Phil laid out the laptop he had brought with him on the table. Now, an ingenious laser interface unfolded above the table, in the center of which there was a hemisphere, in the form of an empty nest. In turn, Abi took one of the cubic containers from the shelf and placed it on the table next to the device. The clasps clicked, the square walls fell off, and the contents of the container opened up to the eyes of two – a translucent ball glowing from within. The light was pearlescent, soft and even, with a faint scarlet tinge.

There were embryos in the ball – many small figures, which made up a spherical volume.

With all the precautions he could think of, Abi lifted the orb from its container stand and placed it in the empty nest. The laser bowl shuddered, but did not drop the mother-of-pearl weight, but obediently accepted it into its bosom. Digital ripples ran across the interface.

“Ready,” said Phil, apparently an expert on the subject. – Tell me what to do.

“Well…” Abi thought, narrowing his eyes cunningly.

We should have discussed earlier. Asked or…

– Don’t hesitate. These embryos are too thin, make them simpler – coarser, or something. To make the old man upset.

– In what sense is rougher?

– More material.

“They are already material,” Phil objected. – And the sphere of their interests is pure spirit: you see, it reflects scarlet. I cannot change the basic spiritual program, it is hardwired into the bios.

Abi grimaced as if he had taken a sour drink.

Am I bad at explaining? Make it so that the embryos cannot do without the material, they are forced to think about it constantly. So that they regularly consume this material, or something.

– Do you consume regularly? Material? Phil was surprised. – Well, you give, Abi! I didn’t know you had such a twisted fantasy.

– Even some!

Phil’s fingers skimmed confidently over the interface where the laser magnifier appeared. The magnifying glass snatched out one of the figures that made up the mother-of-pearl ball and enlarged it, only to manipulate it. Now, there have been changes in the enlarged figure: the scarlet illumination has moved to the upper part – the head, from which thin lines are stretched, indicating the internal organ. In the middle of the body, the lines formed a completion and broke off.

“The digestive system,” Phil explained. “You asked the fetuses to regularly consume something material. Now they can’t live without food.

Suddenly, the interface flashed red, clearly signaling an error.

“That’s what I thought: a potential stack overflow,” Phil said frustrated. – If the embryos begin to eat, they will increase uncontrollably in volume. You’ll have to throw away the excess. Now I will construct the excretory organs.

Thin fingers flickered again next to the interface hanging in the air. The lines continued, forming an organ system that crosses the body of the embryo from top to bottom.

“Done,” Phil said.

“Look out that there is not enough material,” Abi warned. “They must be deficient, got it? Otherwise, there is no sense in digestion – all the same, they will start thinking about the spiritual.

Phil considered.

– You have to control the amount of food. If the minerals that are not present on the planet, then … The animal and plant world remains. I have a flash drive with boot data with me, but I will not have time to calculate the optimal composition of the biosphere. I’m sorry, Abi, it won’t work.

– I’ll show you, it won’t work! .. – Abi shouted at his friend. – If you do not have time to calculate the optimal composition, throw into the biosphere everything that is recorded on your flash drive. Can you do that, I hope?

– There is a full base, on all loaded planets! Incompatible types!

– And okay! The worse, the more annoying the Old Man.

Phil pulled a tiny flash drive out of his pocket and plugged it into his laptop. The laser interface showed the beginning of the download.

“You’re another thing,” the restless Abi thought up. – I know these spiritual ones: if they are not followed, they will definitely come to an agreement. Ask so that they do not agree. Introduce dummy embryos into the system, completely material, so that they could not even think about any spiritual. From the point of view of competition, it is useful: so that the spiritual always lose to the dummy. The spiritual always think about their own things, but the fake ones have no time: they only care about the material. Can you do it?

Phil nodded and got on with the task at hand. As a result, some of the embryos darkened and lost their scarlet illumination – these were fake ones, while the untouched embryos were filled with an even brighter spiritual light. At the same time, the overall value of spirituality in the mother-of-pearl ball remained unchanged – Phil did not control it.

– You zaprogivat so that they could not distinguish. So that no one knows who is fake and who is spiritual.

– It will be clear, according to the behavior, – Phil grimaced. – But I foresaw this moment: I established a psychological barrier, in the form of a moral imperative. The principle is: do not kill. The life of any fetus is priceless.

Abi chuckled.

– The life of any fetus, and a dummy too? You’ve got it right, old man. This will confuse them greatly.

At this point, the download of information from the flash drive is completed. The mother-of-pearl ball was filled with a wide variety of biological creatures, not at all similar to the original spiritual embryos.

– Is that all? – finished Phil. – They’ll get caught. Maybe let’s go?

“It’s still early,” Abi disagreed. – Reduce the power of spiritual ones. Wow, how bright they glow! Only no more than a third: if more than a third, the acceptance will pay attention – then the container will be rejected.

Phil once again began to shaman over the interface. Soon, smiling at a job well done, from which he received obvious pleasure, he reported:

– Ready. A third of the time the embryos will spend in inactivity.

– Like this? Abi was amazed, apparently expecting that his comrade would reduce the brightness of the spiritual ones in another way.

– Physiological departure, during which the cache is reset. Sleep, scientifically speaking. Waking up, the embryos will remember only the basic parameters, but not the additional ones.

Abi liked it.

“Well done, old chap, I knew I could rely on you. Is it possible to make the base parameters reset to zero as well?

– No way. I can overwrite basic information only with carriers. The germs will have to be destroyed.

So destroy it, old man.

Abi’s voice didn’t even waver.

– Then their number will be reduced to zero. Will the acceptance pass a container with dead embryos?

“He won’t let him through,” the hard-hearted one admitted in annoyance, but immediately perked up. “Then destroy the embryos with clearing the base parameters, then re-create them with zero information. How about an idea?

This time, Phil thought for a long time.

– In principle, it is possible. You have a twisted fantasy, Abi, no one told you?

– They spoke many times. Hurry, old man, there really isn’t much time. We may be missed.

Phil’s skillful fingers flew over the interface.

– Did! Now the embryos are mortal – they die after reaching a certain period. But a compensatory solution is required: they must reappear – be born. There are various methods of reproduction: division, spores, vegetative … No, sexual reproduction is better. During sexual reproduction, there are male and female individuals, each with its own set of germ cells and organs.

“Great,” Abby agreed. – You, Phil … Make it funnier, with internal organs. Combine reproduction with isolation.

– What? Phil rolled his eyes.

– What hear.

“Well… okay, I’ll try.

And I tried. Looking at the result, the friends clutched their stomachs and laughed uncontrollably – even Phil, who also liked the indecency done.

– Are we turning now? he asked hopefully.

– Yeah.

Delighted, Phil turned off the laser interface and folded his laptop.

Abi took the mother-of-pearl ball in his hands and transferred it back to the container, slamming the sides and clicking the fasteners. Then he attached a personal seal to the torn seal. The hardened sealing wax melted, forming the symbols “Abbadon”.

– Now you. You need two seals, one acceptance will not miss.

Phil pressed a signet with the name “Philotanus” to the sealing wax.

“Great,” said Abi, moving the container to the shelf with the rest of the containers, now indistinguishable from the spoiled one. “The old man, when he sees it, will have a heart attack in his entire chest. Will know how to de-bonuse valuable employees. It is a pity that he will stumble upon a seeded planet not soon – in the distant future.

With these words, the attackers left the warehouse.

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