Gauss smart lamps

Gauss has launched a series of Wi-Fi controlled smart LED bulbs and luminaires.
The main differences from other brands of smart lamps are a wide range and a very convenient WiZ application.

I tested six new lamp models.

In series Gauss Smart Light 27 products: lamps (regular and filament), recessed lamps, ribbons.

In the near future, the series will be replenished with spotlights, consoles, sockets, motion sensors.

All lamps and luminaires of the series are controlled (switched on and off) and dimmable (brightness adjustable) via Wi-Fi.

Some of the lamps have a constant color temperature, some allow you to change the color temperature, some are equipped with additional RGB LEDs that make it possible to change the color of the lighting.

Lamps cost from 950 rubles.

The lamps can be controlled using a smartphone with the WiZ application, using a voice assistant (including Alice), as well as using a Wi-Fi remote control, which will be on sale in the near future.

The Wiz app surprises from the start. It does not require registration and it is the most convenient addition of lamps that I have ever seen: the application adds any number of lamps at the same time, and all that needs to be done with the lamps is to turn them off and on again.

The application provides a very wide range of lamp control options: you can adjust the brightness, color temperature, speed of dynamic programs. You can adjust the soft start and stop times. You can assign specific modes to the four programmable buttons on the remote. It is possible to configure two modes, controlled by a conventional light switch (WiZclick function).

There are many color programs, including dynamic and dawn – dusk, which smoothly change the brightness and color temperature of lamps in 30 minutes.

There are schedules, including a vacation mode, and a rhythm mode that allows you to change the color of the lighting throughout the day.

The application integrates with many voice assistants and automation systems, including Yandex.Alisa and IFTTT. There is even a metering of the energy consumption of all connected lamps in the application.

All lamps have a night light mode, in which they shine with a warm light with a minimum brightness.

Gauss Smart Light supports local control, which means that when the smartphone and lamps are on the same Wi-Fi network, the control does not go through the cloud, but directly.

I measured the light parameters of the lamps in different modes: at maximum and minimum brightness, in the warmest, neutral and coldest color modes, in the red, green and blue light modes.

The test involved two lamps of each type (dimmable, variable color temperature, variable color).

In the white light mode, the measured power of all lamps is close to the declared one.

The measured luminous flux is close to that declared in the cold light mode and slightly less in the warm and neutral light modes.

The measured color rendering index for all lamps in all white light modes was 81-90.

Ripple at maximum brightness in white light modes is practically absent in all lamps, except for the last one (for a filament shaped lamp, the ripple coefficient was 3.9%). At the minimum brightness, the “candle” ripple is also zero, for other lamps it increases to 7-20% (such a ripple is visually invisible).

Non-filament lamps reduce brightness by 5% when the supply voltage drops to 211-213V, filament lamps at 217-225V.

In a filament lamp with a variable color temperature, the maximum warm light is 2200K, this allows you to get a very warm yellow light, but you can set the usual 2700-3000K.

For example, I will give the spectra and measurement results of a candle lamp 1190112 5 W 470 lm.

Warm, neutral and coldest light modes.

Modes of red, green and blue colors.

Non-filament lamps are rated at 15,000 hours and filament lamps at 20,000 hours. All lamps are guaranteed for 2 years.

Smart lamps Gauss Smart Light today are perhaps the best lamps with Wi-Fi control in our market: they have the widest range, including not only ordinary pear lamps, but also candles with an E14 base, filament lamps, lamps, ribbons. The WiZ app is the most user-friendly and the most powerful of any lamp control app I’ve seen. Another plus is the integration with voice assistants Yandex.Alice, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and the IFTTT control system, which allows you to connect these lamps to almost any smart home system.

© 2020, Alexey Nadezhin

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