Gamedev, cyberpunk and eternal philosophy: 3 May mini-series

Ahead is a lot, a lot of days off … And if you still think what to do, then here’s another idea – to watch a cool series. Today we publish the 2020 mini-selection, which will immerse you in the technologically advanced “Oh Brave New World” (well, almost). All series are somehow connected with IT and science – well, how can you do without it!

Developed (Devs)

IMDb 7.8 / 10
Total viewing time: 7 hours, 20 minutes

San Francisco, the near future. Events take place on the basis of the fictional IT giant Amaya, which is managed by the mysterious CEO Forrest. After a successful presentation of his own project to the director, developer Sergey Pavlov gets a position in a secret unit that deals with quantum computers. He is very glad that he will finally find out what the department is working on. A day later, Sergey never appears at home: his charred body is found not far from Amaya’s main office …

Gloomy eight-episode series about the Silicon Valley of the future from the director “From the Machine” and “Annihilation” Alex Garland. Paranoia, espionage, the cyber race of superpowers, the dark layers of IT are the main hashtags of the series.

Amid the landscape of peppy, sensible sitcoms about nerds and IT specialists, “Developed” leave a disturbing impression. The series in places very elegantly leads to an uncomfortable thought – any achievement of the techhai will be militarized and sneak away into the Pentagon and MI-6. Today’s hipster pet-friendly offices with granola and kombucha mutate in megacorporations, where not the most faithful employees will end up in packages.


Devs remains a gloriously handsome watch. A show about people working with computers might sound like a dry proposition, but Garland constantly expands and expands, intercutting the action with stunning, atmospheric shots of San Francisco, reminding us of the wider world outside of the insular universe the characters are inhabiting.

The guardian

Mystical Quest: Raven’s Banquet (Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet)

IMDb 7.5 / 10
Total viewing time: 4 hours, 30 minutes

A series about a fictional video game development studio that is working on the popular multiplayer game Mythical Quest.

The head of the company, its ideological leader, the king of all games, the king of development, the chef of successful locations, and indeed the cool guy Ian Grimm constantly comes up with new additions, generates endless ideas, and his team has to put up with his egocentrism and, if possible, embody it ideas in life. Here, fun is what is happening in the gaming industry. And most importantly, to understand all these jokes and references you do not need to be a master in video games.

Max and TV shows

The show is about a bunch of misanthropes working together, with comedy derived from the dark ways their toxic relationships push and pull each other around. You don’t need to know how a studio works to recognize an office hierarchy when you see one, or an egomaniac boss, or a shitty coworker that skates on your hard work.

The verge

Modified Carbon (Altered Carbon), 2018-2020

IMDb 8.1 / 10
Total viewing time: 18 hours (2 seasons)

Netflix released Season Two of Modified Carbon from the books of Richard Morgan. The sensational project combines the style of cyberpunk, action and a swirling detective.

The action develops in the world of the future, where people have learned to transfer consciousness into electronic stacks and use bodies only as shells. In the first season, former military man Takeshi Kovacs woke up 250 years after the death of his body. He was given a new shell, and the mercenary took up the investigation of the murder of the maf, a wealthy long-liver who can clone his own body

High-quality fiction with excellent action, curious heroes, a difficult philosophy and a fascinating new universe with a lot of opportunities.


While the first season had other problems, including a crude obsession with human bodies that never developed beyond voyeurism, Kinnaman’s rigid, no-fun lead skewed the self-serious drama toward a profound bore instead of a galaxy-brained lark. The series ’ideas are big, playful, and (like so much great sci-fi) topically applicable when following a consistent allegory, but all that potential remained trapped behind a stoic visage.

Indie wire

The series are good, but in my heart may, cottage and barbecue? For such, we, too, did not stand aside. We have prepared for you special backgrounds for online broadcasts in Zoom – all the delights of May, without leaving home.

To barbecue!

Country holiday

A party

After party

Save and set your mood: both backgrounds and TV shows. Good weekend!

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