Full Todoist integration with Apple Calendar

There is no full-fledged calendar inside the Tuduist, despite the fact that it is often needed. When, in the planning process, you want to look at tasks from a height and see a clearer picture of what is happening.

But it is not needed either, since the developers have provided the ability to integrate tasks with third-party calendar services. Everything is especially cool with the calendar from Google, because it supports two-way integration, which allows you to create and edit tasks not only in Tuduist, but also in the calendar itself.

In the case of Apple’s calendar, everything is not so good, since it only supports one-way integration, which only allows you to display tasks from Tuduist in itself. I use the Apple calendar, so the news was not pleasant.

But, nevertheless, a solution was found! Yes, we are talking specifically about setting up the two-way integration of the Tuduist with the Apple calendar.

First step: crutch

Still, you can’t do without the Google Calendar, since only with its help you can achieve two-way integration. But we will have to interact with it only once – at the stage of initial configuration. It will act in our mechanism exclusively as a database for tasks integrated with the Tuduist.

What for?
We need to connect a Google account to the Apple calendar so that when an event is created in the Apple calendar, the same event is created in Google and vice versa.

Thus, the Google Calendar with its two-way integration of tasks will be the link between the Toduist and the Apple calendar.

So, go to the Apple client, go to the “Settings” section and then to the “Accounts” tab. At the bottom of the list of accounts, click on the plus sign, select “Google” and log in. After that, in the window that appears, turn on calendar synchronization.

To synchronize new tasks within a minute, set up the “Calendar Updates” item, as in the screenshot.

Apple calendar account settings
Apple calendar account settings

Everything, the database, represented by the Google Calendar, is ready!

Integration with Tuduist

Go to the Tuduist settings, then to the “Integrations” section and click on the “Connect calendar” button next to the Google icon.

Button for connecting a Google calendar
Button for connecting a Google calendar

After authorization and confirmation of permissions, a window with synchronization settings appears. On the screen, the values ​​that I set for myself.

Window with settings for synchronizing Google calendar with Tuduist
Window with settings for synchronizing Google calendar with Tuduist

Let me explain about the first field “Google Calendar”, in which “Todoist (new)” is selected by default. I left it that way so that only those events that were created in the same “Todoist” project would get to the Tuduist from the calendar. Thus, you can control which events from the calendar will fly to the Tuduist and which will not.

Click on the “Connect” button and now the “Todoist” project appears in the Google calendar, as in Apple’s one.

Identical projects in Google and Apple calendars
Identical projects in Google and Apple calendars

Now the events from the Apple calendar that are created in the “Todoist” project will be picked up by the Tuduist in the “Inbox” section. And the tasks that are created in Tuduist will appear among other events in the Apple calendar.

If the task is set only for the day, without the execution time, then it will appear in the calendar as an event for the whole day. The beauty of two-way integration is that it can be grabbed and transferred to a time slot or day right in the calendar, and the Tuduist will pick up these changes. That is, the task scheduling process can be built outside the Tuduist, in a convenient environment!

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