From the development of navigation systems to the management of surface vessels – Master’s degree at the MegaFaculty of Computer Technology

Let’s talk about the direction “Traffic control systems and navigation”At ITMO University.

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Why deal with this topic

Sometimes moving around the city becomes a challenge. According to the Texas Institute of Transportation, motorists in the United States spend an average of 54 hours in traffic jams per year. But for cities like Los Angeles, that number reaches 119 hours. Russian drivers spend in traffic jams for about 41 hours.

All this translates into additional fuel costs, time costs and slows down the development of the economy. But it is not only motorists who experience inconvenience in cities. Cyclists, pedestrians and people with disabilities suffer the most. They cannot move on unequipped paths and incur additional costs. Disabled people in the UK monthly spend £ 500 more than average to get around by taxi.

The problems noted cannot be solved by themselves. The science and development of systems in this area is carried out by experts in traffic control and navigation and thus benefits society. So, engineers from MIT presented an algorithm that helps to transport students to public schools in Boston. As a result, they managed to save $ 5 million on fuel – this money was used to develop educational programs. Traffic specialists are also involved in the development of drones. In the long term, they will make travel less stressful.

If we talk about applied projects like various navigators, more and more variety appears here. Such projects they also help pedestrians – they build the most pleasant routes for moving around the city without stairs and long ascents, but with wheelchair ramps.

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A career can be built in this area of ​​expertise. Such specialists are in demand in large IT companies. Our graduate Roman Yanalov now works over unmanned vehicles at Yandex – he writes system software and drivers for lidar. Some are starting to design their own products – now at ITMO University develop unmanned aerial complex for terrain sounding. It will be used in the construction of railways.

What we offer to students

We share our experience with students of the master’s program “Traffic control systems and navigation“. Teachers prepare students for designing components for navigation systems, working with microprocessor technology and modeling control systems.

Specialists with knowledge in the field of traffic control can apply for this direction. But we are also waiting for representatives of other technical specialties who want to change their profile – the training program is designed for students of different levels of training.

Master students can choose one of three specializations:

  • Design of information and navigation systems;
  • Development of software for navigation systems;
  • Synthesis of Algorithms for Controlling Surface Vessels.

Lectures are given by scientists from the international organization “Academy of Navigation and Traffic Control”. Students undergo practical training in JSC “Concern” TsNII Elektropribor “. The company assigns its mentor to each master, who helps them with work tasks – they are related to the development of navigation equipment and data processing.

If desired, students can practice at foreign universities – the University of Tampere and the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe. They are located in Finland and Germany, respectively.

Graduates of the master’s degree work in large industrial enterprises – in the Central Research Institute Electropribor, NPO Aurora, OKB Electroavtomatika and JSC Navis. They develop control systems for aircraft, surface ships, and spacecraft. But some students decide to continue their scientific research and go to graduate school at ITMO University.

How to proceed

To enroll in “Traffic control and navigation systems” you need:

If you have any questions related to the educational process, call or write directly to the staff of the department of magistracy. They will give you answers and try to help you.

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