From Russia with love: domestic gadgets and where they live

Russian inventors and engineers have always had a bold imagination. The Madrobots team knows this well: we are especially pleased to find and display domestic developments on the shelves of our store. And we come up with interesting things ourselves!

Before the Day of Russia, we have collected for you eight useful gadgets and accessories invented in our country.

Earplugs Veer

  • Suppress noise up to 40 dB

  • Noise cancellation level is adjustable without removing the earplugs

  • Anatomically shaped silicone tip

  • Includes a case

  • Issue price: 4,190 p. 2 792 p. with a discount on the promo code MADRU20

Quarantine has convincingly proven that concentrating on work is hard both in open space and at home. Headphones help to isolate from relatives and colleagues, but only music often interferes with concentration – and here they come to the rescue earplugs Veer

This is a completely Russian development. The nozzle is made of soft silicone, and the plugs themselves are made of light aluminum alloy with a stainless steel mesh that looks outward. The grid is needed to adjust noise reduction. The maximum noise isolation reaches 40 dB, but if you unscrew the ring at the mesh, the level drops to full audibility. That is, when a colleague or family members stubbornly demand your attention, you can communicate without removing your earplugs. And then return to productive work again.

StayHome Desk transforming table

  • Foldable, assembled without tools

  • It takes only 1 sq. m.

  • Converts from a seated to a standing workplace

  • Issue price: 7,990 p. 6 392 p. with a discount on the promo code MADRU20

Another thing that many compatriots discovered after being locked up: our apartments have little space for everyone who works and learns remotely. StayHome Desk transforming table aims to provide jobs for everyone.

The table is foldable and assembled-disassembled in two minutes (plus no cryptic instructions, as in IKEA). StayHome Desk resembles a stepladder, where the steps-shelves are rearranged at the request of the owner – higher and lower. Need a standing table? Just plug the countertop shelf into one of the top slots.

The disadvantage of this approach is that you cannot put a heavy computer on such a table. But it is convenient to work with a laptop. Move the shelf down – and you can let the child do his homework. When not in use, the table is easy to hide.

Brainstorm neurostimulator

  • Improves memory, concentration and creativity

  • Helps to quickly learn languages ​​and new skills

  • Painless procedure, only 20 minutes

  • Issue price: 6,499 p. 5 199 p. with a discount on the promo code MADRU20

Turn the knob and get smarter – this is not a distant future, but a banal present. Brainstorm neurostimulator It works this way: with the help of transcranial micropolarization (also known as tDCS), it stimulates different areas of the brain and increases their neuroplasticity. You can choose what you want today: increase your concentration to stop making mistakes in the code, quickly understand the phonetics of Chinese, or simply improve your mood. Different zones are responsible for different abilities, so you need to attach a pair of electrodes to them and turn on the neurogadget.

Separate area of ​​use: sports. Yes, the life-giving microcurrent will improve response and motor learning, so Brainstorm will help with work first, and then with exercise in the gym.

Fly in the ointment: the Russian roots of the device are eloquently indicated by its design, which is rather close to what can be seen in the laboratory than in the Apple or Xiaomi catalog. But a real geek would rather like that.

Smart coffee maker TimeCup CM-700

  • Coffee from the coffee maker does not “run away”

  • The gadget is configured using a computer

  • Ceramic turka

  • Issue price: 8 900 RUB 7 120 RUB with a discount on the promo code MADRU20

If you don’t want to resort to unconventional ways of brain stimulation with Brainstorm, then try your usual coffee. But from a smart coffee maker that brews coffee itself! TimeCup CM-700 combines the best of both worlds. The ceramic turk does not impart a metal or plastic flavor to the drink, the double heater quickly warms up the turk, and the foam sensors make sure that the drink does not “run away”. The coffee maker works immediately, out of the box, it has three built-in brewing recipes. Four more are configured when the device is connected to a computer via Bluetooth.

In addition to coffee, TimeCup can boil eggs, heat milk and boil water for tea.

Magnetic phone holder IMStick Black

  • Fixes the smartphone to metal surfaces

  • Fixes the smartphone in non-standard places

  • Withstands 2 kg

  • Issue price: 1 350 RUB 1,080 RUB with a discount on the promo code MADRU20

Imstick black – nothing more than a smartphone holder. Neodymium magnets are hidden in the aluminum case; they are fixed on a special metal sticker that is molded onto the gadget. Together they firmly hold the device on the refrigerator, magnetic board, iron shelf. In the middle of the accessory there is a hole for a universal tripod thread to screw the holder with a smartphone to the stands.

Additionally, two flexible wire fasteners are twisted around the holder, with which the smartphone can be fixed on any non-standard surface: the radiator grill in the car, on the handle of the exercise machine in the gym, or on the hanger.

Tabletop garden farm Vegebox T-Box

  • Tabletop hydroponics without the hassle

  • Can grow greens and tomatoes

  • 9 plant seats

  • Issue price: 6,990 p. 5 592 p. with a discount on the promo code MADRU20

We already wrote about the experience of using Vegebox T-Box. In short, T-Box – This is a tabletop hydroponics with a phytolamp that automatically turns on and off. The plant really works as promised – greens grow incredibly quickly in it, and small fruiting plants like cherry tomatoes, strawberries and peppers.

Actually, you don’t need to do anything with the Vegebox T-Box. It is enough to plant the seeds, connect the power supply, fill in the nutrient solution and renew it from time to time. Fresh salad, spicy herbs and strawberries grow right on your table. Separately, I would like to note the appearance: domestic designers have tried, and the gadget looks so that even now it is on Instagram.

Interactive Toy Smart Bear

  • Tells tales from an updated library

  • Teaches the child good habits

  • Interacts with interactive stickers

  • Suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old

  • USB-powered and lasts 4-5 days

  • Issue price: 9,990 p. 7,992 p. with a discount on the promo code MADRU20

The robotic teddy bear from Spielberg’s “Artificial Intelligence” told fairy tales and guided the protagonist on the right path. That film was released in 2001, and now, 20 years later, a Russian startup has released almost the same Smart Bear… This interactive toy entertains and educates the child, keeps him company – in a way that no gadget can.

Smart Bear tells fairy tales, poems and stories. It was voiced by a professional actor, and the texts were reviewed by psychologists and methodologists, so the toy will not teach the kid any inappropriate words (unlike the video on YouTube). There is a built-in library, and new content is downloaded over Wi-Fi and is regularly updated, but this requires a subscription. It costs 499 rubles, almost like Netflix.

The bear connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth, from where parents can control it. The most rewarding part is the tasks for the child. Instead of mom, a plush friend will give them: brush your teeth, learn the alphabet, or remember to say “Thank you.” There are 25 tasks in total, which is enough for a three-year-old kid.

Some abilities are activated by touching the paws of a bear. Shake the bottom right to him, and he will give out an interesting fact, and the top left – he will read a fairy tale. The upper right paw is needed to touch the special bundled stickers. So a small owner can run tasks or entertainment without a smartphone. Touch the sticker with the moon – the bear starts reading the story until the child falls asleep. True, he keeps track of the time – and during the day he will refuse to tell night stories.

Beavan 2.0

  • Compact sofa, can be carried

  • Inflates in 15 seconds without a pump

  • Holds its shape for half a day, designed for a load of 300 kg

  • Issue price: 3,200 RUB 2 176 p. with a discount on the promo code MADRU20

Beavan 2.0 – developed by the Madrobots team. This is an inflatable sofa or lounger that inflates in a minute and without a pump. It is enough to scoop up the air with the neck a couple of times and twist it. It turns out a dense, comfortable lounger. You can even sleep on this one, because it keeps its shape for 12 hours. You can face down, for this there is a special net at the head of the bed.

Since Bevan 2.0 is made of dense oxford, it is not afraid of sand, water, earth, grass, asphalt and garden beds in your country house. Stored as a compact package in a carrying bag and does not take up unnecessary space.

Beavan has a turbulent history, in which there were Siberia, crowdfunding records, and the Dunning-Kruger effect … We have a story to tell about the project, we hope to share a detailed chronology with you in one of the nearest publications.

You can purchase Russian gadgets and accessories from the selection in our online store… For readers of Habr until June 27, valid 20% discount for all products from the selection by promotional code MADRU20.

We will be glad if you share your favorite ru-gadgets in the comments!

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