from local development to server rolling

Organized links to articles on developing sites or applications on Flask… From initial installation python on Mac OS before rolling out on the server. The article will be updated with links in the process of writing.

Many articles below have links to jump to the right development stage at the right time. However, there were so many articles that it became necessary to structure the most important of them.

If any article includes other articles (without which the development process will not be complete), then such materials will be indicated here in the attached list.

It is not necessary to go there separately. Links to them, as needed, will appear in the right place within the main articles.

To create a local application and roll it out to the server, just go through the main sections.

Local development

It all starts with local development.

Transfer to server

If it is not enough for us to limit ourselves to a project in the local environment and we want to launch it into the outside world.

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