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A couple of weeks ago I ran “VPN Reverse“- VPN with a Russian IP for accessing sites that are inaccessible from abroad. I have already been contacted more than 1000 people. I have been able to help most of them. Many thanks to everyone for the donations and kind words!

Why is it needed?

After the start of mobilization, they left Russia according to different sources from 300k to 1 million people. If we add here the previous wave of emigration, we get an impressive number of people who have problems accessing important Russian sites.

From abroad, public services, the website of Russian Railways, tax, mos.ruand even sometimes sber.

People cannot pay bills and fines, get a tax deduction, view a cadastral map, or go to the website of the Moscow court. Some people are unable to connect to a working VPN.

This problem is solved by a VPN with a Russian IP. But many popular global VPN services now do not have servers in Russia or are blocked. So Surfshark, NordVPN and ProtonVPN won’t help here.

How is the service set up?

I did landing page on the Notion with the form Notion Forms and published via Super. The data from the forms gets into a special database in the laptop.

Each application is moderated – I don’t need at all that anonymous people do indecency from my ip addresses, and I turned out to be extreme. Approximately 18% of applications are screened out at this stage.

For verified people, nominal keys are generated from openvpn servers (of which there are already 11). Every evening after work, I send out letters with keys for applications that have been accumulating all day. Usually it is 50-100 letters.

Little by little I try to improve all stages and automate the operating system. In the near future I want to reduce the time for the client to learn the key from several hours to several minutes. After all, people often need a VPN “right now.”


I got a lot of thanks. They make me very busy! Especially when people write about their situation a little more. Here are some examples to get you feeling the energy)

Thank you very much, it worked)

Thanks to. Everything is working. dropped it for coffee)))

Now I can sign my mom up for to see a doctor while outside of Russia. Thank you very much, Sergey!

Sergey, thank you very much! Already recommended to friends, great service! Good luck to you!

Everything worked out! Sergey, thank you very much, you did some incredible thing that helped me out. I will definitely give you a call!

This is just super inspiring!

I ended up screwing service for reviews, so that they can be seen not only by me in PM, but also by other people who doubt.

If you use a VPN Vice versa – leave a review there. It is very nice to me and will help other people)

The project is growing

Many wrote not only thanks, but also suggestions / feature requests. Someone wanted to watch Kinopoisk (Part of the content is not available outside the Russian Federation). Someone wanted a personal VPN server for themselves and loved ones. Well, demand creates supply!

I have added 2 new rates:

The free plan has not gotten worse, I monitor the load and add servers as needed. If you only want websites, take it.

If you just need more speed, the “For video” tariff will be ideal.

If you plan to distribute the key to close people or work through this VPNyou need a personal server.

WiFi Portal to Russia

Almost 20 people contacted me with this question:

How to work from abroad if the corporate VPN is available only from Russian IP addresses?

It is necessary that the working VPN “dive” into the “VPN Reverse”. But the construction of VPN over VPN is quite complicated. Most likely, an ordinary IT specialist will not be able to set it up. However, there is a way out.

Can buy router with support for OpenVPN Client (Not a server, but a client!) and add the key from “VPN Reverse” to it.

So you will have a WiFi network that will provide Russian Internet. Such a “portal to the Russian Federation.” You can work as usual – connect to it from a working computer and enable only a working VPN on it. In this configuration, it will “dive” into the VPN in reverse.

Instead of a router, you can use a personal computer or phone as a WiFi access point. Then on this device you also need to configure “VPN Reverse” and connect to this access point from a working computer. There may be problems here. The router option is more reliable.

Today I bought such a router and checked that everything works.

Soon I will write a more detailed article-tutorial.

Happy moving and good luck!

PS If there are information security experts here and you see problems, please don’t scold me in the comments. Write to me in a personal and together we will make the service safer.

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