Free 100Mbps channel for Cloud4Y clients

Since April 2021, Cloud4Y has canceled the tariffication of an Internet channel with a bandwidth of 100Mbps when calculating the cost of virtual capacities.

Previously, Cloud4Y offered 5Mbps internet bandwidth as a free base option.

For small projects this may be sufficient, but more ambitious tasks and comfortable work often require more. To improve the capabilities of our customers, we have raised the bar to 100Mbps, expandable to 1000 Mbps, but on a paid basis.

Why is it important?

For a web service to work properly, at least two conditions must be met: a productive, stable server and a reliable Internet channel connecting the clients and the server. And the higher the bandwidth of the channel, the more stable the web service works. For example, it helps to cope with a sudden increase in traffic associated with a successful ad campaign or other activity.

You can test the Cloud4Y cloud service for free by leaving application on the site

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