Fragment and Toncoin today

Just some statistics:

  • @news — 994,000 TON (~$1.67 million at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction);

  • @auto — 900,000 TON (~$1.47 million);

  • @bank — 850,000 TON (~$1.39 million);

  • @avia — 800,000 TON (~$1.25 million);

  • @chat — 700,000 TON (~$1.09 million);

  • @king — 675 ooo TON (~$1.2 million);

  • @fifa — 600,000 TON (~$984,000);

  • @game — 500,000 TON (~$800,000);

  • @sber — 471,000 TON (~$847,000);

  • @meta — 404,000 TON (~$723,000).

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To be fair, all of these tags were sold during the dawn of NFT culture. We haven’t heard of such large deals recently. However, this does not mean that Fragment is dead and forgotten. Against! To this day, transactions worth tens of thousands of dollars take place in the TON Blockchain network. You can verify this by simply going to the main page of the site:

Top username exchanges as of 10/25/2023.

Top username exchanges as of 10/25/2023.

Anonymous numbers

In December 2022, Telegram added the ability to register an account without a SIM card using anonymous numbers based on the blockchain and launched their sales on Fragment.

The term “anonymous number” in this context does not literally mean a telephone number that can be used to make calls and send messages. This type of number allows you to create an account on Telegram without revealing the user’s actual phone number. These numbers are also NFTs.

Please note that this number is associated with the TON wallet and has no direct connection with Telegram.
The concept of “anonymity” here is explained by the fact that creating a TON wallet does not require the provision of passport data, unlike the SIM card registration process, which is usually associated with official identification. The name “number” is associated with the need to specify a phone number when registering an account in Telegram. Thus, the anonymous number serves as an alternative to the actual phone number when registering an account.
This new feature allows you to fully integrate your Telegram account with your TON wallet and provides a high level of security. It should be noted that republishing such an anonymous number for the purpose of unauthorized access is impossible. Access to the TON wallet also remains unavailable unless its owner provides the appropriate data.
Also some statistics on room sales on the platform:

  • +888 8 888 — 300,000 TON (~$684,000 at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction);

  • +888 8 177 — 60,000 TON (~$133,000);

  • +888 1111 1111 — 52,500 TON (~$126,000);

  • +888 8 017 — 51,000 TON (~$116,000);

  • +888 0000 0000 — 50,000 TON (~$114,000).

Top stock exchange numbers as of 10/25/2023.

Top stock exchange numbers as of 10/25/2023.

Obviously, anonymous numbers are in much less demand than tags. Which is strange, because who, if not Telegram users, but also experts in the world of cryptocurrencies, should care about their anonymity).

Telegram Premium

Well, the last section of the Fragment website is “Telegram premium”, which was added in March 2023:

Cost of tariffs as of October 25, 2023.

Cost of tariffs as of October 25, 2023.

There’s not much to say here. Nothing special, except that because of the purchase in the TON cryptocurrency, the transaction takes place on their Blockchain network, which means….. Anonymous! Well, it’s really cheaper than if you take it the usual way. True, most likely you will give this difference to the exchangers through which you will go, transferring your silver coins to TON. The cheapest option will be to make a monthly payment in the Telegram application itself.


So we come to the highlight of the program TONCOIN (TON – The Open Network). What makes this whole idea with the stock exchange unique and interesting is TONCOIN.
In fact, the exchange Fragmentthis is just one of the areas where this coin was used.
As usual, here are some statistics at the time of this article:

  • Capitalization – $7.32B

  • Volume – $45.14M

  • Rating on coinmarketcap – eleven

  • Number of accounts on the network – 3,612,638

  • Transactions per day – 194,820

  • Number of countries with installed validators – 27

Application of Toncoin:

  1. Fees for transactions with smart contracts.

  2. Payment of commissions for inter-network transactions.

  3. Stake of validators to maintain the network.

  4. Payment services in applications on the platform.

  5. Tool for on-chain management.

  6. Payment TON Proxy. (Soon)

  7. Improving network security through staking.

  8. Payment for domains in the TON network.

  9. Payment TON Storage.

Based on all this data, we can say with confidence that TON is an extremely promising coin. on their official website you can find the history of the development of their cryptocurrency, as well as their Blockchain system.

The Open Network (TON) is a decentralized computer network built on blockchain technology. It also serves as the basis for a secure darknet platform with a built-in proxy and anonymizer. This platform functions as a P2P overlay network and provides services for messaging, cryptocurrency payments in TONCOIN, data storage and an operating system for distributed applications. It was initially developed under the name Telegram Open Network to support the Gram cryptocurrency.

The idea of ​​TON was developed by the Durov brothers, who were able to attract billions of dollars in investment for this project and planned to transfer their popular Telegram messenger to the TON platform.

For eight years, Telegram was financed exclusively by Pavel Durov. However, by 2017, additional funds were required to provide servers. Durov considered the possibility of attracting traditional investments, but then decided to finance the messenger through the TON (Telegram Open Network or The Open Network) blockchain project and the Gram cryptocurrency.

The creators saw TON as a platform for decentralized applications similar to Google Play, AppStore and WeChat, with the ability to process millions of transactions per second and as a decentralized alternative to international payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard.

Since 2022, the first collections based on smart contracts have appeared on the blockchain. Some of the first collections include TON PUNK, TON Diamonds, Toned Ape Club, TON Ducks, ARL, KingyTON and Hello TON NFT.

For the third quarter of 2023, the main platforms for trading NFTs on The Open Network blockchain can be considered the Getgems, Fragment and TON Diamonds markets.

In addition, the world’s first collectible token, RespectX, was released on the TON blockchain.


One can endlessly marvel at the genius of Pavel Durov. To create one of the most famous messengers in the world, Telegram, and then develop your own cryptocurrency and sell usernames for it on your own exchange, receiving a percentage from it, this is really powerful. But this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Well, today we assessed the success of the Fragment exchange, achieved over the year of its existence, and also once again drew attention to the extremely successful TON coin from the creators of our favorite messenger. Personally, in my opinion, this is something worth investing in, since Durov does not plan to stop surprising us.

That’s all I have. Thanks for reading. Buy my username).

Author of the article: NeGoy
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