Four pairs of noteworthy and fairly affordable headphones of different types – a compact selection of reviews

We continue to talk about audio equipment and share reviews [полочники, вертушки, напольники]. The topic of today’s selection is headphones with wired and wireless connectivity, features and form factor.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro earphones -
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro earphones –

[7 990] Sennheiser HD 280 PRO These are budget headphones for working with sound, listening to music and podcasts, watching movies, TV shows and other content. Distinctive feature of the model: light weight [220 г], foldable design, padded headband and comfortable wraparound ear cushions for a snug fit and good sound isolation. Ready to compete with active noise canceling headphones, the HD 280 PRO can be used for extended periods of time in a wide range of environments and tasks, from long calls with colleagues in noisy environments, such as telecommuting at home, to working on audio material in an amateur studio .

V review models experts of “Audiomania” note the linear nature of the frequency response and a wide range of reproducible frequencies [8 Гц – 25 кГц]. Plus, they share their impressions based on the results of testing the headphones in conjunction with a PC and a DAC. As part of the HD 280 PRO test, the experts listened to several songs using various sources, including streaming services.

JVC HA-FW03 in-ear headphones -
JVC HA-FW03 in-ear headphones –

[12 990] JVC HA-FW03 – another wired pair of “ears”, but this time we are not talking about wraparound headphones, but about earbuds. For them, the engineers of the manufacturing company designed a case made of wood with metal elements. Under the hood, they placed 10 mm emitters with a special wood insert that separates them from the system with neodymium magnets. As a result, this model turned out to be easy [10 г без шнура, длина которого состалвяет 1,2 м] and productive.

V review SalonAV journalists, you will find a dozen shots of the HA-FW03, including an image with several components of the technological “pie” placed in the body of each of the headphones. Of course, it was not without discussing the possibilities, “passport data” and equipment.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Headphones -
Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 Headphones –

[18 900] Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 – these are another earbuds, but – as you already understood – wireless. They weigh 12 g, but at the same time MTW 2 is well protected from moisture [IPX4] and provide a stable fit during intense running, head tilts and other exercises. You won’t need to think about the fact that they will fall out, as well as about the depletion of the charge, which lasts for seven hours, and in combination with a case – for 28 hours of listening.

On the back of the headphones, the designers placed touch buttons with customizable functionality and the ability to quickly activate the noise reduction system. [ANC]. Under the hood, they put 7mm drivers, which provide a neutral and at the same time very detailed sound. In our top notable wireless headphones, this pair took a worthy second place.

As an alternative, we recommend JBL Live PRO+ TWS [7 990] with 11mm drivers, similar battery capabilities, IPX4 and noise cancellation.

[11 990] Marshall Major IV Bluetooth – another wireless headphones, but with the option of a wired connection. In general, this is another upgrade of the classic model with improvements in key points such as preparation for long-term use. The weight of this pair is 165 g, which is quite good for headphones with 40 mm drivers and an 80-hour battery life.

By the way, there is support not only for wireless, but also for fast charging, which allows you to replenish the listening time by 15 hours in just a couple of tens of minutes. And the wired connector also acts as an extension to a second pair of headphones for joint listening to music and other content.

Major IV Bluetooth are overhead, but they can be folded and easily carried in a jacket pocket. This model ranks first in our review current and relatively affordable wireless headphones.

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