Floor stands for large spaces in the house – a compact selection of systems from DALI, ELAC and the Old School brand

The other day we talked about what compact bookshelves of various prices might look like. Today we return to outdoor acoustics and discuss remarkable, but not the most affordable speakers for relatively spacious rooms with an area of ​​​​a couple of tens of square meters.

Floor acoustics DALI Oberon 9 — Audiomania.ru
Floor acoustics DALI Oberon 9 — Audiomania.ru

[147 890] DALI Oberon 9 – these are large [260 x 1172 x 406 мм] and massive [37,1 кг] speakers from the relatively new range of the Danish brand. The manufacturer produces them in two finishes: “black ash” and “dark walnut”. The body of the speakers is reinforced with ties that form sections for the speakers. Among the latter there are a pair of 228 mm woofers and a separate 177 mm midrange driver. This combination of drivers allows the system to reproduce more natural-sounding vocals, acoustic instruments, and various conversational content.

All three speakers are equipped with Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) magnetic systems, rubber surrounds and paper-wood pulp cones. In addition, of course, there is a 29mm soft dome tweeter. On the back side of the speakers, the designers brought a pair of phase inverters.

Floor acoustics DALI Oberon 9 — Audiomania.ru
Floor acoustics DALI Oberon 9 — Audiomania.ru

This acoustics is suitable for medium and large rooms – from a couple of tens of square meters. The recommended amplifier power here is 50-400 watts. It is important to note that the protective grill covers only the speakers. And how emphasize According to Stereo.ru experts, this system may not keep pace with rhythmic compositions like the soundtrack to “DOOM”, but this is practically its only potential drawback, although only very experienced listeners will notice it.

[157 255] Old School Monitor Two are slightly more compact, but still quite large [220 x 1010 x 310 мм] and massive [23,5 кг] columns. The height with spikes is 104 cm, almost reaches the “growth” of the DALI Oberon 9, however, there are practically no other intersections in these systems. The frame of Monitor Two cabinets is made of birch plywood (24 mm). The body is given additional rigidity with spacers and a damping bitumen layer is applied.

Floor acoustics Old School Monitor Two - Audiomania.ru
Floor acoustics Old School Monitor Two – Audiomania.ru

The 22mm fabric dome tweeter is precision coated. Voice coil – improved ventilation. A pair of 168mm Monitor Two woofers are equipped with a paper cone and Balanced Drive magnetic systems. The recommended amplifier power for this system is 50-125 watts.

V review from Stereo.ru, the experts of the publication share their impressions of listening, plus they describe in detail the technical points, including the connection from the source and amplifier for this system. Of the possible shortcomings, a shallow bass is singled out, but otherwise they converge to a positive assessment of the Old School Monitor Two.

[215 910] ELAC Solano FS 287 a little lower [260 х 985 х 300 мм] and easier [вес 19 кг] the first and second pairs of acoustics from DALI and Old School, but at the same time it has a number of distinctive features that allow it to compete with larger competitors. So, the Solano FS 287 MDF case comes with rounded edges, plus the speakers can be covered with black or white “piano” lacquer.

If we talk about the technological stuffing, under the hood of this model there are speakers and components of ELAC’s own production. The two 150mm mid/bass woofers are equipped with rubber surrounds, aluminum baskets and AS (Aluminium Sandwich) type cones made of paper base and aluminum stamping.

The tweeter – the fifth generation JET – is often called the “accordion”. It differs from the classic ones and is a plastic membrane with a metal conductive path located between the magnets.

The recommended amplifier power is 40-300 watts per channel.

Floor acoustics ELAC Solano FS 287 - Audiomania.ru
Floor acoustics ELAC Solano FS 287 – Audiomania.ru

The FS 287 phase inverters are placed in the base of the case, plus “legs” are attached to it for installing spikes. They come with cork washers. Important: Protective grilles will need to be ordered separately.

V review Stereo.ru you will find several large shots of the speakers, a description of the test stand and the expert’s impressions after listening to the system.

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