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Flipper Zero boxes ready for shipment
Flipper Zero is a project of a pocket multi-tool for hackers in the Tamagotchi form factor, which we are developing. Previous posts [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9],[10],[11],[12],[13],[14],[15],[16],[17],[18],[19],[20],[21],[22],[23],[24]

А-А-А-А-А-А-а-а-а!!!11 We are gradually launching delivery. This is the most exciting moment in the history of the project. Now we are preparing to send 5k devices. This is a complex process, as we need to coordinate delivery to 120+ countries around the world! I had to issue all customs documents, certificates of conformity, notifications about cryptography and other pieces of paper. It’s a lot of paperwork.

We are still struggling with component shortages and we have to face new production challenges. Inside, we will tell you how the process of preparing for shipment looks like, at what stage of production and what will happen next.

Certificates of conformity and customs documents

It is important for us that the device is absolutely legally registered for import into all countries. Therefore, we issue all the necessary certificates and customs papers.

In addition to radio frequency, cryptographic, electrical and environmental certifications, we had to obtain 20 different tax numbers in the European Union, England, Australia and Canada.

Certificates of conformity and customs documents Flipper Zero

All relevant compliance documents are published on the website and are available for study at the link flipperzero.one/compliance. This page is constantly updated as we receive new documents.


Our line is now approaching an output of 5k/week and we are actively working to reach 10k/week by February. We are still experiencing a shortage of components and constantly have to deal with this shit in order not to stop the line. What was well available yesterday may change today, or a supplier may suddenly disrupt a delivery without notice.

[видео] Mounting the Flipper Zero screen cover on the production line

The installation of large parties is a constant search for places that can be optimized. Every second saved on the assembly line allows you to get more finished devices for each day of the line.

Mounting the Sub-Ghz antenna and LCD screen backlight cannot be done in an oven, so I had to make special fixtures that fix the antenna and the display and then solder it with an automated flying soldering iron.

Automatic soldering of Sub-Ghz antenna and LCD backlight with a flying soldering iron

It is important to test all the elements of each board before assembling the final device. To test the membrane buttons on the Main board, we made pneumatic pistons that mechanically press the buttons on the board. It turned out very cool!

Pneumatic Piston Presses Flipper Zero Main Board Membrane Buttons for Testing

Each person on the production line performs one simple action, this reduces the risk of marriage, because it reduces the chance of error and simplifies staff training. To scale the line, they simply add new people to each stage of production.

Assembly instructions and quality checks for assembly line personnel

The final devices are packed in boxes of 50 pieces and stacked on a pallet. In this form, the pallets are loaded into containers for transportation to the regions where direct injection will take place. To countries where there are few orders, parcels will be sent directly.

Final devices are packed in boxes of 50 pieces

Marriage in production

The main problem of production at the moment is the high number of defects. We run into production rampup issues that are hard to catch early on and may not show up on fewer devices.

The good news is that defects are caught right on the line using our test stations and such devices do not leave users. Each Flipper goes through 7 stages of testing before assembly, and 2 more stages before final packaging. We have invested a lot of effort and time to make this process run smoothly and debugged.

Flipper Zero Main Board Test

Percentage of marriage

– The SD card holder is crookedly placed by the player. Because of this, the pin detection is not soldered and the SD card is not readable. We remake the player’s suction cup to make it normal.

– The plastic parts of the GPIO contacts swell after baking, we are working on a process to prevent this from happening.

– The subgig antenna is placed outside the tolerance, which is why we catch problems during assembly. We change the jig for sealing so that tolerance is better respected

  • iButton fee – 1.4%

Pogo pins are installed crookedly. Due to the fact that they began to smear the pastes a lot, they begin to float away from their place during baking, and stupidly, when assembling, the extreme pogo pins do not fall into the holes in the body

  • Complete device/mechanics – 4%

— The foundry made a mistake with the post-processing of the parts, because of which the sprue is poorly cut off on part of the lower covers. The halves are crookedly joined, a gap is formed.

Heat bubble on GPIO comb

Pogo pins are pressed by the body and do not come out completely


Logistics of 60k packages to 120+ countries around the world is not an easy task, so we work closely with our logistics partner to ensure everything goes as smoothly and predictably as possible.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, we have to build custom routes, bypassing local restrictions – for example, now Hong Kong bans passenger flights from US and neighboring countries, which also affected freight traffic.

  • Until the end of January, we will transfer the first 5k orders to logistics. These orders will go to the states and will only include white flipperdos with no ESP boards to keep the scrap rate predictable while the line is still settling down.
  • Until the end of February, another 20k will leave and until the end of March we plan (if everything goes smoothly) to send all other orders, both KS and preorders from shopify
  • Since logistics is currently very unstable, due to new restrictions related to omicron, shipments will occur sequentially by region:
    — States / 20k
    — Europe and UK / 20k
    — Russia / 7k
    – AU and CA / 5k
    – The rest of the world (70+ countries) / 3k
  • All parcels will fly by air on airplanes, the delivery time after the transfer of your order to logisticians will take from 6 to 18 working days, depending on your region and distance from the local warehouse


When will my Flipper arrive?

When it is ready. We are trying our best to bring this moment closer. Please do not ask this question, we are very busy with production and logistics at the moment. We are working 24/7 and your question will not speed up this moment.

How to check the status of a submission?

All submitted orders will be tagged in BackerKit. It is there that you can independently check the status of your order, for this you will receive a link to your personal account



If your order has been shipped, the status will change to “Your order is shipping” and a block with track numbers will be added, as in the screenshot on the right:

How to change the shipping address?

We will notify you about blocking addresses first a week, and then two days before sending orders. Now you can go to your

Personal Area

and change the address. After blocking addresses, this will not be possible.

I didn’t pay for shipping

If you failed to pay for shipping and add-ons in BackerKit before this option became unavailable, your order may be in debt. In February, we plan to set up PayPal to accept these payments. Please wait, you will receive an email with instructions. Your order will not be lost.

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