“Fixing” the features of the Windows 11 interface or “doing everything as it was before”

In fact, to some extent, I agree with the author that the Windows 11 interface is rather unusual, inconvenient and ill-conceived, but I am aware that perhaps the retrograde is speaking in me.

One way or another, the wonderful Romanian programmer Valentin-Gabriel Radu shares our point of view, and therefore created and actively supports ExplorerPatcher – a library that is loaded into explorer.exe and allows you to change the “progressive” interface back to cute and understandable.

I will not describe all the configuration features – the page on GitHub and the author’s answers will be enough for this (especially since the settings are regularly added), but I note that the most inconvenient is the need to install and update this library manually. Taking into account the active development of ExplorerPatcher (updates are released practically every day) – these manual actions are too annoying for such a lazy person like me.

So I developed ExplorerPatcher install / update / uninstall utility

The essence of the utility is simple:

  • Win11EP.exe -i installs or updates ExplorerPatcher. If there is dxgi.dll in the same folder with the program, this file will be used, otherwise the latest version of ExplorerPatcher will be automatically downloaded from the official website

  • Win11EP.exe -u removes ExplorerPatcher from the system.

Please note: when you start ExplorerPatcher for the first time, it downloads several files to the% userprofile% AppData Roaming ExplorerPatcher folder – this is normal, this is the peculiarity of the ExplorerPatcher installation. When uninstalled with my utility, this folder is deleted.

The author has been notified about my utility, perhaps someday it will no longer be needed, since ExplorerPatcher will include a standard installation and removal function. But so far – something like that.

I hope someone will appreciate this information and my “finishing”.

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